Circus Krone, various towns and cities
Circus Krone, various towns and cities © imago

Circus Krone: travelling ambassadors of delight

"Winning your favour is our fervent wish" – this was the motto of Carl Krone, the founder of the circus in 1905, and it still holds true today. Breathtaking circus arts, family traditions, entrepreneurship and a love of animals – these are the features that have made Circus Krone the largest, most popular and most successful circus in Europe.

Munich and Circus Krone: the two simply go hand in hand, thanks to a residency in the Bavarian capital dating back to 1919. That was the year the circus got its own building – the 3,000-seater Kronebau indoor arena – making it the only circus in western Europe to have a permanent home. From December to May every year the circus presents three international programmes in the arena on a monthly rotation, with the premiere traditionally held on Christmas Day. After this, Circus Krone goes on tour – taking with it the world's largest mobile big top, which covers a staggering 3,000 square metres, has a 14-metre-high roof and offers 5,000 seats for spectators. The front entrance to the circus consists of two 28-tonne trucks with flipped-open sides, hydraulically extended to a height of twelve metres. Passing through this, you will enter a 'circus city' spread over three hectares of land with 400 inhabitants, 250 animals and a huge fleet of 330 vehicles. A city with its own infrastructure, including workshops, a canteen, school, fire service, building department, press office, refuse collection and independent power supply. And all this with a single goal in mind: to win the favour of its esteemed audience.

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