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Schlaube Valley Trail - A riverside route of lakes and mills

The Schlaube Valley, an area of outstanding natural beauty, is considered the most picturesque valley in Brandenburg.

The Schlaube Valley nature reserve, part of the Oder-Spree lakeland region, is situated only about 80km east of Berlin. Originating in the meadows around Lake Wirchen, the river Schlaube meanders idyllically through wild and romantic valleys, marshy meadows, dense nature and vast forests, supplying picturesque lakes with crystal-clear water. This 25km trail starts in the spa resort of Müllrose, a town on three lakes known as the ‘gateway to the Schlaube valley’. The route begins as a lakeside walk – beside the Grosser Müllroser Lake – before meandering through shady woodland beside the river Schlaube to the Ragower Mühle mill. It continues on narrow tracks and woodland paths to the Kupferhammer, one of the mills along the trail, which today serves as a restaurant. After the mill pond you arrive at Schulzenwasser lake with its two small islands, a paradise for waterfowl. Still walking beside the river Schlaube, you now come to several lakes in close succession, which you continue to follow all the way to Lake Hammersee. Perched on a hill here is Siehdichum Lodge. It’s easy to see how it got its name: ‘sieh dich um’ literally means ‘look around you’.
Bremsdorfer Mühle, a half-timbered mill with a water wheel, stands at the point where the Schlaube flows into the Grosser Treppelsee lake. From here, the river Schlaube meanders through the untamed valley to the former Kieselwitz mill. The Schlaube Valley Trail ends at its southern part on Wirchensee lake with the last mill of the route, the Schlaubemühle.

Tip: Ragower mill

Built around 1670, this grain mill is the only one in the Schlaube Valley with original machinery and a water-powered Francis turbine. The mill is open to visitors and the restaurant is well worth a visit.

At a glance:

  • Starts/Ends: on the eastern shore of the Grosser Müllroser Lake in Müllrose
  • Length: 25.1km
  • Number of stages: 6
  • Altitude variation: ascent 260m, descent 220m
  • Terrain: 83% unmade, 10% asphalt, 7% other, e.g. farm tracks

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