Weserbergland Trail – Experience nature first hand

An unspoilt rural idyll is what you’ll find on the 225km Weserbergland Trail that takes you through pristine forests and pretty half-timbered towns and past castles and palaces.

The first tender rays of the morning sun shine through the bright green leaves of the mighty beeches and oaks. The sky is a blaze of blue. A sweet woodland scent drifts by on the breeze. And in a swirl of colour, dragonflies greet the new day. This is the Weserbergland hills at their best.
Welcome to the Weserbergland Trail, which leads from the start of the river Weser in Hannoversch Münden all the way to Porta Westfalica. On this thirteen-stage walk, you’ll encounter romantic castles and palaces, historical towns, adventure-filled wildlife reserves and dense, ancient woodland. The Weserbergland Trail will take you to the Mecklenbruch wetlands, the town of Bodenwerder where Baron Münchhausen was born, Hämelschenburg Castle in the Weser Renaissance style, the Pied Piper town of Hamelin, the craggy Hohenstein cliffs and the halftimbered town of Rinteln. A great place to rest on the Weserbergland Trail is the newly-built ‘woodland living room’, decorated with forest sofas and benches.

Tip: spend the night among the treetops

Treehouse hotels in Schönhagen and Aerzen offer a special type of accommodation. Whether you’re a nature lover or just love sleeping under the stars, a night in the treetops is an enchanting experience. Great for couples, families – or those who just like a lie-in.

At a glance:

  • Starts: Hannoversch Münden
  • Ends: Porta Westfalica
  • Length: 225km
  • Number of stages: 13
  • Altitude variation: ascent 10,420m, descent 10,582m
  • Terrain: 36% unmade, 15% asphalt, 49% other, e.g. farm tracks

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