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Nuremberg Zoo – a year-round attraction for all the family

Over a million visitors each year can't be wrong! The zoo in Nuremberg is one of the largest in Europe, covering almost 70 hectares. This spacious and beautifully landscaped animal park is home to nearly 3,000 animals from around 300 species.

There's always something going on at Nuremberg Zoo! Here in the idyllic Lorenz forest, you might see polar bears splashing around in the water, dolphins doing tricks or cheetahs with their cubs. Some animals are active by day; others are nocturnal, and many African and European hoofed animals such as giraffes, zebras, bison and deer roam almost entirely free here. The Tropics House provides a colourful, diverse habitat for sloths, tortoises, exotic butterflies, cute little monkeys and numerous tropical plants.

There are also lots of surprises in store in the amazing Manatee House: poison dart frogs and red-eyed tree frogs croak out from their hiding places, red-legged honeycreepers can be heard twittering in the thick branches, while the manatees squeak out from beneath the water – this is our home! Nuremberg Zoo also demonstrates a strong dedication to the welfare of animals through its conservation programme and through its work protecting endangered species.


At the aqua park you can watch penguins, sea lions, polar bears and otters both above and below the water. In the dolphin lagoon, opened in 2011, dolphins and sea lions splash about under open skies in a landscape that is designed to reflect their natural environment. The sheer elegance of these magnificent creatures, the tropical atmosphere in the Manatee House and the polar bear feeding in the aqua park provide some unforgettable moments. At the JAKO-O children's zoo and in the huge play area, younger visitors get to stroke and feed the animals and burn off any excess energy. Another highlight is the mini Adler railway, a 1:2 scale replica of Germany's first steam locomotive. It's part of a fantastic all-around experience at Nuremberg Zoo that will leave you wanting to come back for more!

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Handwerkerhof Nuremberg - a vila dos artesãos

Handwerkerhof Nuremberg - a vila dos artesãos Um dos lugares imperdíveis de Nuremberg é o Handwerkerhof, uma mini-vila construída entre os muros antigos da cidade para representar o cotidiano de alguns dos artesãos de Nuremberg. No Handwerkerhof você encontrará artesãos trabalhando com diversos materiais como madeira, vidro, couro, cerâmica, ouro, prata e até latão :) Além disso, este é um dos melhores lugares para se conhecer a gastronomia e a hospitalidade franconiana. Sente-se nas mesas que ficam do lado de fora dos restaurantes, peça a famosa linguiça de Nuremberg, beba algumas das cervejas locais e Prosit! \o/ O ambiente com cara de medieval, a possibilidade de ver os artesãos criando suas pequenas obras ali mesmo e alguns ótimos restaurantes fazem desta mini-vila o lugar ideal para começar seu passeio por Nuremberg :) O Handwerkerhof está localizado bem em frente à estação central de Nuremberg (Hauptbanhof) e fica aberto do início de Março até o dia 31 de Dezembro, exceto aos Domingos. Para acompanhar nossa viagem pela Alemanha ao vivo, basta nos seguir em: Instagram: @sundaycooks Facebook: /sundaycooks Twitter: @sundaycooks

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