Via Claudia Augusta – Renaissance town hall in Augsburg
Via Claudia Augusta – Renaissance town hall in Augsburg ©Regio Augsburg Tourismus GmbH

A pilgrimage on foot or by bike on Europe's cultural axis between the Danube and Adriatic: Via Claudia Augusta

Via Claudia Augusta – the name of the only Roman road crossing the Alps has a wonderful ring to it. This well signposted, unforgettable trail takes you from the Danube to the Alps, covering more than 500km in Germany.

With Europe united, the historical Via Claudia Augusta has become a bridge that brings together different cultures, lifestyles and emotions. This ancient route, which passes through scenic and cultural landscapes, was once used by soldiers, wayfarers, merchants and pilgrims – with their different languages, customs and cultures – to cross the Alps. Numerous reminders and remains of this road, built nearly 2,000 years ago by the Romans, have been preserved in many places and are often reflected in today's road network. You pass hundreds of reminders of its colourful history – entire sections of Roman road, viaducts and milestones. Again and again you come across remains of the 2,000-year old road and reminders of what life was like on and alongside it. Excavation sites, exhibitions and architectural monuments roll back the centuries. History and all aspects of regional culture are preserved and promoted everywhere. Here, town meets country, farmers meet townsfolk and artists meet the aristocracy. Conquering the Via Claudia Augusta on foot and using your own strength, as many of the Romans did, is a physical challenge – as much today as it was 2,000 years ago. A specially memorable experience for groups of 8-10 people is a stagecoach tour across the Alps on this historically symbolic road – just as people did 200 years ago. This is available on certain dates from spring to autumn.

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