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Sustainable holidays: the German regions

Discover selected regions of Germany with outstanding sustainability concepts. From the North Sea to the Alps, vibrant landscapes await you in an unspoilt natural setting.

The Middle Elbe Valley and Düben Heath, together with the surrounding towns of Dessau, Wörlitz, Lutherstadt Wittenberg and Torgau, can look back over a long and fascinating history. Conservation has not always been a priority here, least of all during the age of industrialisation. Today, however, a range of initiatives are bringing sustainable experiences to this historical setting, preserving it for future generations.

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Orchards sweeping far and wide, flower-filled grasslands, sprawling beech forests and – at the heart of it all – the Blies winding through riverbank meadows. The UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of Bliesgau in the south-east of the Saarland nestles between the northern Vosges mountains of France and the Palatinate Forest.

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In Germany’s oldest national park, Mother Nature is reclaiming her territory. The forest wilderness that is taking shape here is largely left to its own devices – set within the carefully managed landscape of the nature park. It is here that you’ll find the Grosser Arber: the highest (at 1,456 metres) and best known of the Bavarian Forest mountains.

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Time is the key to the Ammergau Alps. Those who holiday here gain a new sense of it. Whether that’s taking time out for yourself or for exercise, pleasure or peace and quiet. Time for living. Time to recharge those batteries.

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From the rolling foothills of the Alps all the way up to the mountain peaks, the Allgäu has always attracted active holidaymakers. As a sustainable destination for health and wellness, the region is aiming for more, and its Allgäu brand logo can only be used once a strict set of sustainability criteria has been met.

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