Roman monuments, cathedral and Church of Our Lady in Trier
Roman monuments, cathedral and Church of Our Lady in Trier ©DZT, Foto-Design Ernst Wrba

Roman monuments, the Cathedral and Church of Our Lady in Trier

Founded as Augusta Treverorum in 16 BC, Trier is Germany's oldest town and a true monument to history. Historical buildings of international standing, remarkable churches and magnificent Roman remains all make a visit to this romantic city on the Moselle an unforgettable experience.

Trier, which is over 2,000 years old, presents an amazing range of cultural and historical attractions for art lovers and history buffs alike. Resident Roman emperors, bishops, electors and ordinary people have all made Trier what it is today, and the city's long list of World Cultural Heritage sites bears witness to its colourful past. The Roman amphitheatre that once seated 20,000 spectators and the Imperial Thermal Baths and Basilica of Constantine transform Trier into an open-air museum of Roman history. The impressive legacy of the Roman town of Augusta Treverorum includes the Roman Bridge, St. Barbara Roman Baths and, of course, the city's famous landmark, the 1,800-year-old Porta Nigra gate.

Trier Cathedral is slightly more modern. The oldest episcopal church in Germany, it has been a meeting place for Christian congregations for 1,700 years. Both here and in the Church of Our Lady, which is connected to the cathedral by a cloister, Salian, Romanesque, Gothic and baroque elements fuse together to form an extraordinarily expressive ensemble of churches.

Themed guided tours such as 'The secret of the Porta Nigra' take you on an enthralling journey through almost 400 years of Roman rule. You'll also find an impressive array of culinary delights to tempt your palate at a number of top-rated restaurants and during the month-long Wine & Gourmet Festival.

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10 June to 31 October 2015: Monday to Friday at 5.30pm

4 November to 31 December 2015: Monday to Friday at 1.30pm (excluding 24 to 26 Dec)

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