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Lindner Hotels & Resorts: Not just better. Different.

Innovative hotel concepts, state-of-the-art communication solutions and a huge choice of spa treatments are the hallmarks of Lindner Hotels & Resorts. Whether for a city break or wellness getaway, an active holiday or conference, our hotels offer guests the highest standards of service.

We are a family-managed business and proudly stand behind the services provided in our hotels with our name.

At Lindner Hotels AG’s, fulfilling the individual needs of a clearly defined target group has been a proven recipe for success in the group’s corporate philosophy for long years. Our hotels precisely distinguish themselves not only from each other but from those of the competition as well through their individual character and extraordinary architecture.

Enthusiastic, qualified staff and confident interaction based on partnership are just as important to the Lindner hotels as the fulfilment of our guests’ needs and the solution of individual, out of the ordinary problems. Each staff member in the business is responsible for actively realizing of these objectives – seen as obligation – within his / her sphere of influence.

We both require from and promote creativity in our staff in order to provide our guests with concepts that embody Lindner quality beyond expectations.

In this respect, everyone is allowed to make mistakes, too, because we consider mistakes a chance to learn and improve the quality of Lindner.

Through believing in the capabilities of our staff and by guaranteeing their creative and personal development, we achieve a strong commitment and creative work. Together, we create values and reach new goals.

Transparency, comprehensive information and a regular exchange between the staff members in our hotels support their further qualification.

We manage our business in an honest, reliable, and fair way and our relationship with business partners is characterized by partnership, respect, and cooperation. It is with this foundation of integrity in partnerships that we achieve the permanent development of our Lindner Hotels.

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