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Berlin: A leader in progress.

Berlin, Germany's capital city, is also a leading heavyweight in business and technology. There is a high concentration of companies operating in the areas of chemicals + pharmaceuticals, technology + innovation, medicine + healthcare as well as transport + logistics in Berlin – and the city also hosts many events in these sectors.

The chemistry is right. The chemicals + pharmaceuticals sector has been developing extremely dynamically in the Berlin-Brandenburg region for many years with biotechnology the undisputed leader in this area. More than 190 biotechnology companies alone have their headquarters here and the density of universities and research institutes is unique. Every year, these spawn new companies and the large number of expert networks intensify the partnership between business and the scientific research community still further. Genome and proteome research, biohybrid technologies, regenerative medicine and nutrigenome research are enjoying particularly strong growth and are supplemented by important enabling technologies.

In the area of technology + innovation, the Berlin region is the preferred home of four key sectors: information and communications technology, media, optical technologies and microsystems technology. Over 3,000 companies and 25,000 workers, over € 2 billion in revenues, 14,000 students in 30 information technology and media science degree courses: the facts speak for themselves - and for Berlin. The IT and sector in the region is typified by a high density of research institutes and universities, close links to the media and creative economy and a large number of highly specialised small and medium-sized companies.

Germany has a long tradition in optics and has always been a world leader - but optical technologies are also a field of the future. Microsystems technology, in contrast, is a relatively new sector and the third largest cluster in Germany with around 250 companies is in Berlin.

The Berlin-Brandenburg region is one of Europe's leading locations in the medicine + healthcare sector. Around 300 medical technology companies with their own products or services close to production are active here. One reason for their strong presence in and around the German capital is the presence of renowned institutions such as the Charité, Europe's largest university hospital, the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine, the German Heart Institute Berlin and the German Institute of Human Nutrition in Potsdam. These provide an ideal environment for conventions, conferences and symposia such as the World Health Summit organised by the Charité, a major international event with some 1,500 medical experts from over 90 countries.

The competence field transport + logistics, and especially transport systems technology, is superbly positioned in Berlin-Brandenburg. The location is home to many of the world's market leaders and is characterised by a good blend of all sub-sectors and fields of technology, a wide-ranging research environment and close links between users and operators. The senate has defined specific areas for action in a transport & mobility competence centre, which aims to help science and business to network more closely. These areas are traffic telematics, logistics, rail transport technology, aerospace and road traffic/automotive.

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