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Autostadt in Wolfsburg: people, cars and what moves them

Autostadt Wolfsburg provides a fascinating journey through the world of the automobile. Its 25-hectare site features green hills, lakes and unusual architecture, all forming a backdrop for the many different car-themed attractions.

The city of Wolfsburg is often referred to in German as the "Autostadt" and is recognized by most people as the site of Volkswagen Group world headquarters. The Autostadt "in" Wolfsburg, however, is a special place where the main focus is on the concept of mobility.

"People, cars and what moves them" is the Autostadt slogan. The theme park attracts automobile aficionados as well as cultural enthusiasts, people who enjoy exceptional events, and those who appreciate culinary creations. The Autostadt offers plenty of things to do and see for children, teenagers and young adults. One of the most popular Autostadt attractions, the ZeitHaus museum presents milestones in automobile history produced not only by Volkswagen, but by other manufacturers as well. The world's most frequently-visited car museum showcases more than 50 different makes. Volkswagen Group brands are presented throughout the park in eight pavilions designed to bring the respective brand philosophies to life. Visitors are invited to ride in a special panoramic pod to the top of the Autostadt's landmark CarTowers. Each of the glass towers holds up to 400 brand new vehicles waiting for delivery. The ten Autostadt restaurants operated by Mövenpick offer a wide variety of all-natural, seasonal foods sourced from the local region.

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