Bad Pyrmont – state spa with more than 500 years of healing experience

Carbon dioxide, saltwater and mud have been used as natural remedies in the state spa resort of Bad Pyrmont for more than 500 years. Even Peter the Great is said to have enjoyed their therapeutic properties.

The resort, idyllically situated on the Weser Renaissance Route, combines wellness and health with a charming mediterranean atmosphere. In the historic spa gardens, for example, visitors can stroll along baroque tree-lined avenues and retrace the steps of Queen Luise of Prussia through the palm garden. The town's superlative appeal is complemented by an outstanding range of arts and entertainment including cabaret, jazz, theatre and concerts, which carry the town's reputation as a centre of music far beyond its borders. As you would expect, there is no shortage of health facilities in the state spa. The 'valley of bubbling springs' not only offers visitors the chance to bathe in its saltwater, but also to take it as a therapeutic drink. Six mineral springs in total allow the health-giving properties of the saline water to be sampled. A Pyrmont mud bath is particularly curative, aiding joint mobility, helping the muscles to relax and stimulating circulation. The Königin-Luise-Bad health centre offers a wealth of expertise with a range of preventative and rehabilitative treatments. And after a treatment session, the Hufeland thermal baths are the perfect place to unwind before a stroll through some of the loveliest parks in Europe.

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