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Historic Highlights of Germany

Company Profile

History up your life!

Germany off the beaten track
Historic Highlights of Germany is representing 14 of the best alternative cities for short breaks and itineraries and would like to help travellers to get to destinations off the beaten track. Our aim is to suggest tours with a rich cultural experience, friendly environment and a relaxing time.

Participating cities are:

  • Augsburg
  • Erfurt
  • Freiburg
  • Heidelberg
  • Koblenz
  • Mainz
  • Münster
  • Osnabrück
  • Potsdam
  • Regensburg
  • Rostock
  • Trier
  • Wiesbaden
  • Würzburg

Perfect destinations for those travellers who wish to go beyond casual sightseeing and truly experience Germany’s rich culture and history. Here, visitors don´t just view monuments, they interact with history!

We are at your service!
Historic Highlights of Germany cooperates with travel experts of the 14 cities, strong partners such as the German National Tourist Board, Lufthansa, Deutsche Bahn and AVIS and is the contact for all providers of travels throughout Germany.

Brands / Products / Services

Historic Highlights of Germany (HHoG) is a marketing alliance promoting 14 historic German cities as a four season destination targeting overseas markets. We are your partner in planning trips to Germany and assist travel trade in developing new products and with itinerary development. Our aim is to suggest tours off the beaten track, full of cultural experiences and a relaxing time.

Ask specific questions, get help planning itineraries or incentives, get insider tips, or order brochures.

Promotional Material
Sales guides of all cities and our partners as well as other sources of information are available through HHoG headquarters.

Our specialists will work together to create a customtailored travel program designed to meet travellers interests, needs and travel style. Through Historic Highlights of Germany – with partners such as Lufthansa, Deutsche Bahn, the German National Tourist Board, AVIS – our 14 cities make it easy for you to plan trips to Germany.

Fam Trips
Offered annually in collaboration with the German National Tourist Board or tour operators, including air, hotel, all meals and transfers.

Trade Shows and Workshops
HHoG takes part in Trade Shows and Workshops throughout the year (organized by the German National Tourist Board).

Cultural Highlights

Must sees for groups and FIT

Renaissance Town Hall/ Golden Hall, Maximilian Museum, The Fuggerei

Church of St. Severus & St. Mary’s Cathedral, Old Synagogue, Augustinian Monastery

Freiburg Cathedral, Fischerau Quarter, Wiehre Art Nouveau Quarter

Heidelberg Castle, Palatinate Museum, Historical Student Pubs

Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, Electoral Palace, Deutsches Eck (German Corner), Romanticum

St. Martin’s Cathedral, St.Stephen’s Church, Gutenberg Printing Museum

Prinzipalmarkt Square, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Pablo Picasso Museum, Münster Baroque Palace

Felix Nussbaum House, Old Quarter and Romanesque Cathedral, Town Hall, Erich Maria Remarque Peace Center

Unesco World Heritage Sites, Sanssouci Palace, Dutch Quarter, Babelsberg Film Park

UNESCO World Heritage: Old Town with St Peter´s Cathedral, Old Stone bridge, Thurn and Taxis Royal Palace

Old Town, St.Mary’s Church, Seaside District Warnemünde, Brick Gothic Architecture

UNESCO World Heritage Sites Roman monuments, Cathedral and Church of our Beloved Lady, “Hauptmarkt” square

Kaiser Friedrich Thermal Bath, Kurhaus with Casino, Neroberg Funicular Railway, Russian Church

Unesco World Heritage Würzburg Residence, Main-Franconian Museum, Franconian Wine Country, Old Bridge and Marienberg Fortress

Annual Events
The historical cities also have more to offer than history, culture and architecture. They boast lovely green spaces, lots of recreational facilities and arts events, unusual venues, and diverse nightlife districts. Please check our website for dates and further information.

  • Augsburg – “The Fugger Family and Music”, classical concerts, May to December
  • Erfurt – Cathedral Steps Festival, August
  • Freiburg – Freiburg Wine Festival, July
  • Heidelberg – Castle Festival, June/August
  • Koblenz– Empress Augusta Festival, 1st Sunday in June
  • Mainz – Wine Festival, August/September
  • Münster – Showroom – Festival of Museums and Galleries, August
  • Osnabrück – EMAF European Media Art Festival, End of April
  • Potsdam – Winter opera season, November/December
  • Regensburg - Thurn und Taxis Palace Festival, July
  • Rostock – Hanse Sail regatta, August
  • Trier – Wine Forum Moselle at Roman Forum Baths, January
  • Wiesbaden – Theatrium (Wilhelmstrasse street festival), June
  • Würzburg – Mozart festival, Mai/June


Dream Routes – Discover more, experience more!

Featured itineraries for Independent Travellers bookable now
In today’s economy, an affordable tour is a welcome treat. With six Dream Routes, the member cities offer featured itineraries for individual planning. TOEUROPE specializes in arranging Rail- and Self-drive tours for Independent Travelers.
Bookable now on: Travel Agents earn commission on sales!

1. On the trail of the Romans
Traces of the great Roman civilization are still very much in evidence in southwest Germany where the oldest cities all have Roman origins and date back more than 2,000 years.

2. Emperors, Kings and Palaces
Our cities are dotted with impressive buildings left behind by the great rulers and royal dynasties who reigned supreme over its various territories.

3. The cities of the Hanseatic League
The German Hanseatic League, or Hanse, was only one of many guilds of traders that existed in the Middle Ages, but its important historical role made it one of the best known.

4. On the roots of the Reformation
Martin Luther’s ideas of ecclesiastical reforms (1517) sparked many changes and set the Reformation in motion.

5. Treasures of the German Romanticism
Fairytale palaces, enchanting old quarters with pavement cafés, ancient stone bridges, centuries-old markets and rivers straight from the pages of a storybook with castles perched on vineyard slopes.

6. Wine samplers on German rivers
Gentle vineyard slopes that have produced fine wines since ancient times, and rivers, shrouded in myth and legend.

Group Offers

Our Sales Guide for Travel Trade
Time for something new, time for creative ideas and time you wish to invest in your customers and not in the tiring search for travel products! The joint Sales Guide of 14 historic German cities in your hands – the Historic Highlights of Germany - contains new and less well known products and show you in how many ways our historic cities can be combined with our Theme Dream Routes. Your regular customers will receive new stimuli.

Social Commitment / Green Travel

Green startups for travellers
Historic Highlights of Germany member cities offer City Cards. The use of eco-friendly public transport is included. Bought for an affordable price, City Cards give travellers reduced entrance fees for many sights and museums.

Freiburg is one of the pioneers in eco-development and internationally well known for its environmental approach and its extensive use of solar energy and other renewable sources.

Now, the city of Koblenz has come up with an innovative and environmentally-friendly solution: a cable car operating between the city center and the high-altitude Ehrenbreitstein fortress across the Rhine river.

To get up to the Neroberg in Wiesbaden travellers can take the “Nerobergbahn” – a funicular from 1888 that runs eco-friendly with water!

Deutsche Bahn offers its passenger transport customers a variety of CO2-free products under the Umwelt-Plus and Eco Plus programs. The energy comes exclusively from renewable sources. In 2010, the Lufthansa Group’s specific consumption fell to a historic low of 56 miles per gallon, largely as a result of the company’s ongoing fleet modernization policy. The new Airbus A380 is fulfilling all expectations. The average specific fuel consumption of the A380 is about 70 miles per gallon.

Heidelberg has a solar-powered passenger ship that can carry up to 250 people along its waterways offering an alternative view of Heidelberg.

Osnabrück is the only large German City situated in the middle of a nature park - the UNESCO Geopark TERRA.vita.

Price Conditions

Explore Germany! Affordable hospitality
All of the Historic Highlights of Germany member cities offer packages with overnight stays in a hotel (incl. breakfast) and many more services for less than  € 100 per day* (group discounts on request).

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