• Cologne Panorama
    Cologne Panorama ©Magic Cities of Germany
  • Fit in Hamburg
    Fit in Hamburg ©Magic Cities of Germany
  • Firework Competition at the Herrenhausen Gardens
    Firework Competition at the Herrenhausen Gardens ©Magic Cities of Germany
  • MediaHarbor Düsseldorf
    MediaHarbor Düsseldorf ©Magic Cities of Germany
  • “Kölle Alaaf”
    “Kölle Alaaf” ©Magic Cities of Germany

Magic Cities Germany

The Magic Cities marketing association is representing Germany’s major ten city destinations.

Magic Cities Germany is the marketing association of the cities of Berlin, Cologne, Dresden, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover, Leipzig, Munich, Nuremberg and Stuttgart. Set up in 1955, it is supported by the GNTB, Lufthansa and Deutsche Bahn. Its target markets are the USA, China, India, South Korea and Australia.