Weltenburg Abbey at the Donaudurchbruch in the Altmühltal valley
Weltenburg Abbey at the Donaudurchbruch in the Altmühltal valley ©Tourismusverband Kelheim (Tourismusverband Kelheim)

Jurasteig Trail – through the Bavarian Jura mountains

Hikers on the Jurasteig Trail will experience the juniper heaths, rugged rock formations, mysterious caverns and romantic river valleys of the Bavarian Jura mountains.

Twelve stages lead hikers through the distinctive landscape of the hills and valleys of the Danube, the Altmühl, the Weißer and Schwarzer Laber, the Lauterach, the Vils and the Naab. Along the route cultural and historical highlights are set amidst the scenic features. The famous Benedictine Abbey of Weltenburg, the Habsberg Church of Pilgrimage or the castle ruins of Hohenburg and Kallmunz are all worthwhile detours. There are also culinary highlights. Many of the inns offer the specialities of Altmühltaler and Juradistl Lamb. And the many breweries lay testimony to the fact that the land of origin of the beer lies in the Bavarian Jura.

Of course, one day hikes are also possible on the Jurasteig Trail. The 17 loop paths, which branch off from the main route, are of particular note here. Try a visit to the White Lady in Wolfsegg, a tour through the Limes Limes on the Römer-Schlaufe (Roman loop), or a hike to the King Otto stalactite cave or the Asam Monastery in Ensdorf? Here everyone can find their favourite walk.

Tip: The Juniper heaths in Lauterachtal

Because of its Mediterranean-like climate and the juniper bushes the Lauterachtal valley is often referred to as the Bavarian Tuscany. It is a unique cultural landscape in which many endangered plants and animals live.

At a glance:

Start und Destination: Kelheim
Distance: 230 km
Number of stages: 12
Height: Ascent approx. 5,300 m, descent approx. 5,300 m (circular route)
Trail surface: 37% unmade, 20% asphalt, 43% other e.g. gravel

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