Andreas Krolik
Andreas Krolik © Brenners Park-Hotel GmbH

Brenners Park Restaurant: Andreas Krolik serves refined produce-centred cuisine

At the prestigious Brenners Hotel in Baden-Baden , Andreas Krolik's sublime cuisine has made the Park Restaurant, which holds two Michelin stars, a gastronomic flagship for the whole region.

Anyone expecting opulent food at the prestigious Brenners Hotel will be amazed by the intricacy and finesse of Andreas Krolik's dishes, which epitomise contemporary cuisine with a classic foundation. Krolik has been free to find his own style without great mentors. He is a talented craftsman who elaborates the flavours of his dishes with immense clarity and finesse whilst adding new, exciting accents. A passionate angler himself, Krolik has a definite penchant for fish and seafood, which he prepares as naturally as possible, sourcing his excellent ingredients from Norway, Ireland and Scotland. But meat and vegetarian delicacies do also star on the Park Restaurant's extensive menus and à la carte offering.

In his tranche of Texel lamb saddle with fennel and ras el hanout, lemon spinach, pepper chutney and baked chickpea purée , Krolik demonstrates his exceptional understanding of how flavours and proportions interact. The unequivocal focal point is the saddle of lamb, which seems very familiar at first in combination with the chickpeas and the ras el hanout, before the dish's essential harmony is recalibrated and lightened by the perfectly judged acidity of the spinach and the fennel notes. Another immensely exciting dish is his caramelised hand-dived scallop with Périgord truffle foam, pata negra, roasted leek, black salsify and parmesan crunch . The interaction between sweet and earthy flavours, the juicy succulence of the scallop and the herbal notes is simply divine.

© Prof. Dr. Ingo Scheuermann

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