Entertainment at Cologne
Entertainment at Cologne ©Koeln Tourismus

Cologne: The republic's TV studio.

The city on the Rhine is generally considered to be one of the most entertaining cities in Germany. The city has an impressive record in technology + innovation, especially in the media sector, and is Germany's No. 1 TV city by some distance in terms of programme production.

Mention technology + innovation in Cologne and you really mean media and communications. Cologne is Germany's No. 1 TV city – creating one third of all German TV programmes. As well as Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR), the largest public broadcaster in continental Europe, and RTL, the most successful privately owned broadcaster, Cologne is also home to digital special interest channels such as ATV, or Dügün TV and web-TV channels such as Bongusto, Ehrensenf, MedCon and Myspass. With around 50,000 people employed in the industry, the creative sector is one of the largest complexes in the cathedral city. Around 8,500 employees work in broadcasting companies, radio, film and TV production. Two film schools train the ambitious up-and-coming generation and the NRW film foundation based in neighbouring Düsseldorf is close by. The film sector also presents regular international festivals – from the International Women's Film Festival and the African film festival "Jenseits von Europa" to the "Stranger Than Fiction" documentary festival, the KunstFilmBiennale and the European short film festival "Unlimited".

Approx. 3,300 employees work in the printing industry in Cologne area and nearly 7,400 in the games industry and software houses. In fact, the computer gaming industry in Cologne is becoming ever more important. Hosting Gamescom 2009 for the first time was a milestone that finally established Cologne both nationally and internationally as a major centre for gaming.

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