Via Nova
Via Nova ©Verein Europäischer Pilgerweg VIA NOVA

Pure temptation for avid pilgrims: Via Nova

The Via Nova Pilgrimage Route runs approx. 280km from Bogen in Lower Bavaria, across the Salzburg lakeland, to St. Wolfgang in Austria. In days gone by, pilgrims used to carry a cross with them. Today, travellers on this modern pilgrimage trail are more likely to be carrying a lightweight rucksack.

The Via Nova builds on the centuries-old tradition of embarking on a pilgrimage to religious and spiritual places. The route is not dedicated to a particular saint and is open to people of all denominations – thereby connecting countries and people beyond their religion or nationality. St James' Way in Spain, the 'mother of all pilgrimages', is more than just a dream destination in the minds of many keen pilgrims. Along the route, pilgrims will find certified pilgrimage retreats offering affordable lodgings and a meal to restore their energy. Guests are welcomed with pilgrimage bread, salt and a fresh tankard of water. As an all-year-round destination, the Via Nova offers the perfect preparation for a pilgrimage on St. James' Way. As pilgrims usually set out on foot, sturdy shoes and a lightweight rucksack with rain protection are highly recommended. Other essential equipment includes a thermos flask for hot and cold drinks, a packed lunch, plasters and cream for blisters, spare socks, a mat to sit on and maps. You can either set out alone and enjoy some time for inward reflection or travel the route with a group of other like-minded individuals accompanied by trained pilgrimage guides. The name 'Via Nova' – new way – sounds snappy, but what really matters is that people actually come and walk along it. Anyone who has completed this spiritual trail should go home and tell others that the experience is simply not to be missed!

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