Worms: Luther statue in the autumn
Worms: Luther statue in the autumn ©DZT

The path of self-discovery is best followed on foot: the Wine Route

Starting at the Deutsches Eck in Koblenz, the gateway to the UNESCO World Heritage Middle Rhine Valley, the over 500km Wine Route offers an adventure for pilgrims as it wends its way through romantic Rhineland scenery to the lakeside town of Constance.

Unlike most other paths, much of the Wine Route is accessible to all, including people with restricted mobility. Many roads lead to Rome and Santiago de Compostela, but sometimes it takes a little bit longer here. The network of pilgrimage routes dedicated to St. James is huge and extends right across Europe. Nearly all of them, including one near you, can be reached from another trail. So pull on your walking boots, pack up your rucksack, grab your pilgrim's walking stick and set off. Get away from it all, away from ambitious expectations of performance. Instead, follow the rhythm of your own footsteps as you take the path of self-discovery along the Wine Route from the Deutsches Eck in Koblenz to Constance, where the Rhine river exits Lake Constance. Enjoy the backdrop provided by the Rhine with its romantic castles, rows of vines climbing the slopes on either side of the river and wealth of churches, abbeys, pilgrimage destinations and other religious sites. Steeped in myth and legend, the route offers pilgrims an impressive variety of attractions known throughout Germany and beyond. Switching off from everyday life gives strength to more than just the soul. Explore the Wine Route and discover what a pilgrimage of over 500km will make of you.

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