Mystical and magical: the Myth and Fairytale Route in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is a beautiful region known for its 1,000 lakes large and small, national parks and nature reserves, an enchanting Baltic coast, elegant seaside villa architecture and welcoming lakeside cafés. But since 2008, Mecklenburg's attractions have also included the Myth and Fairytale Route.

Three routes are planned in total. The first is more than 500 kilometres long and links 20 myth-enshrouded towns and cities such as Schwerin, Parchim, Dömitz and Rehna, most of which are off the beaten track but are lovely places to visit all the same. Discovering near-forgotten myths and fairytales will make you see the world through a child's eyes again. Stopping points en route include Rehna Abbey, where Monk Ernestus welcomes visitors in his white habit, Parchim, where Vieting the bearded highwayman tells enthralling tales, Plau am See – the home of the good witch Plaulina of Klüschenberg – and Warin, where a princess was magically transformed into the castle wall as a punishment. At Schwerin Castle, the resident ghost Petermännchen rewards the good and punishes the bad, while Dieter the little ghost has been playing tricks on guests at Dreilützow House for over 280 years. Capt'n Flinti gets up to mischief in Grevesmühlen as he hunts for treasure, and visitors to Lake Schaalsee need to look out for the elves. The coast offers a multitude of possibilities for seafarers and landlubbers alike – islands awaiting discovery, stunning views stretching to the horizon, surfing, diving and boating, walking and mountain biking trails, and attractions appealing to romantics, culture buffs and health fanatics.

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