A geological sensation – the Swabian Alb Route

Running right across Baden-Württemberg, the Swabian Alb is a striking highland region that rose up out of the Jurassic sea millions of years ago and features a combination of bizarre rock formations and gentle rolling slopes. Every season has something new to discover along the approximately 200-kilometre length of the Swabian Alb Route.

The Swabian Alb was once one of the most volcanic regions on earth. Millions of years ago, lava hissed towards the sky here. Today, this region's hallmarks are its gleaming white rock formations, mighty castles and magnificent palaces of notable dynasties, juniper scrubs where shepherds tend their flocks, delightful dry valleys, crystal-clear springs and subterranean wonderlands of dripstone caves, crater lakes, religious buildings in Romanesque or Gothic style and idyllic villages full of half-timbered houses. Few other landscapes in Europe reveal their geological origins so clearly as the Swabian Alb. Legacies of an active geological past and natural phenomena make this enthralling landscape a geopark of endless fascination. Rare prehistoric fossils can still be found in the area today or viewed in carefully prepared displays at one of the region's world-class museums. The variety of natural landscapes, wealth of fossils, geological attractions and, not least, the hearty Swabian cuisine have really put the Swabian Alb on the map. At the many state-of-the-art spas and health resorts, you can benefit from the restorative powers of this healthy environment, just as the Romans used to. And when you're feeling good all over and your body and soul are in harmony, you can't help but smile.

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