Two women are cycling side by side along a narrow country lane that is lined with trees. The trees are at least 20 years old and behind them, on either side on the lane, are meadows.
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Hunsrück Cycle Route – up hill and down dale

The Hunsrück, a low mountain range in Rhineland-Palatinate, is only around 100 kilometres long, but is framed by four rivers: the Moselle, Nahe, Saar and Rhine. The Hunsrück Cycle Route traverses the entire region from west to east – and connects the valley of the Saar with the Rhine valley.

Divided into four stages, the Hunsrück Cycle Route has a number of climbs and is therefore better suited to experienced cyclists. But there is ample reward for your efforts: once at the top, you can enjoy glorious views across the Trimmbach and Deimerbach riverscapes. And in the distance you'll see the wooded peaks of the Hochwald, Idarwald and Soonwald forests. The route also passes the Ausonius Trail, an ancient trading route that once linked the city of Trier with Bingen. Legacies from earlier times can be found at every turn, such as the chapel with the wayside shrine (Speiner Bildchen) and the ruins of moated Baldenau Castle. Food and wine connoisseurs are also well catered for on the sections through the Ruwer and Rhine vineyards. The local inns serve Hunsrück schwenkbraten (flame-grilled pork), game dishes and filled dumplings, which taste even better with a glass or two of locally produced wine.

Terrain: The route runs along quiet roads, forest trails and farm tracks. There are steeper climbs at Mount Erbeskopf – at 816m the highest peak in Rhineland-Palatinate – and at the ascent in the Saar valley; level sections between Zerf and Hermeskeil and Morbach and Simmern.

Scenery: The route runs through forests, valleys and meadows, past old villages, castle ruins and waterfalls, and through Saar-Hunsrück Nature Park and Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park.

At a glance: Hunsrück Cycle Route

  • Length: 155 km
  • Starts: Saarburg (Saar)
  • Ends: Bacharach (Rhine)
  • Travel (nearest cities to start | end):
    Trier 20 km | Saarbrücken 70 km | Koblenz 149 km
    Mainz 47 km | Wiesbaden 49 km | Koblenz 49 km
  • About the route: mainly flat, hilly in places, occasional steep gradients

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