• Porsche-Pavillon in Wolfsburg
    Porsche-Pavillon in Wolfsburg © Autostadt GmbH (Müller, Nils Hendrik)
  • Volkswagen (VW) Käfer in Wolfsburg
    Volkswagen (VW) Käfer in Wolfsburg © Autostadt GmbH (Mennemann, Tom)
  • Shopping in Magdeburg
    Shopping in Magdeburg © MMKT/www.andreaslander.de (Lander, Andreas)
  • Designer Outlet in Wolfsburg
    Designer Outlet in Wolfsburg © Designeroutlet Wolfsburg
  • rose exhibition in Magdeburg
    rose exhibition in Magdeburg © Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus e.V. (Kaster, Andreas)
  • Autowerk (car factory) in Wolfsburg
    Autowerk (car factory) in Wolfsburg © Autostadt GmbH (Müller, Nils Hendrik)

Magdeburg - in the heart of nature

Pre-Convention Tour
Magdeburg - Autostadt Wolfsburg - Marienborn memorial site - Magdeburg


Volkswagen Autostadt Wolfsburg

Cooking course followed by dinner

waterway junction and the longest canal bridge in Europe


Hotel Ratswaage, Ratswaageplatz 1-4, Magdeburg


Arrival Airport: Berlin

Start of the Programme: 16:00 h at Hotel Raatswage

20 Tour Operator


Final Programme "Magdeburg - in the heart of nature"

General Terms and Conditions of Participation (PDF)

Subject to alterations!


Germany / Frankfurt am Main

Martina Kacar

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