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Medical Sciences at Hanover
Medical Sciences at Hanover ©MHH

Hannover: A voyage of discovery in research and development.

There is so much to discover in Hannover - although you could be forgiven for overlooking it behind the city's facades, which are typical of the era of reconstruction. For example, there is outstanding infrastructure in the areas of chemicals + pharmaceuticals, technology + innovation and transport + logistics. However, Hannover is above all a watchword for biotechnology und life sciences supported by research and economic development activities.

Chemicals + pharmaceuticals, and in particular biotechnology and life sciences, play a leading role in Hanover and the state of Lower Saxony. More than 260 companies with almost 20,000 employees work on enzymes, vaccines, innovative medicines and seeds. Hanover's well-developed network of research institutes and universities also enjoys a high level of national and international recognition. The most famous is the Hannover Medical School (MHH) founded in 1965. There are also a further 18 universities and universities of applied sciences operating in the area of life sciences as well as 80 research institutes and 230 working groups in biotechnology. The "Who's Who" of the sector meets at the annual BIOTECHNICA, the most important European life sciences trade fair.

Whether in research or production, mechanical engineering and tool construction or technical services – Hanover is a leading national and international location for technology + innovation. Production and manufacturing technology and the supply industry are represented by companies and brands such as Continental and Kumatsu Hanomag. And major sector associations and leading international trade fairs such as the Hannover Fair and CeBIT give the location a prominent and influential position. The scientific heart of the city is the Hannover Centre for Production Technology (PZH) and the production technology institutes of the Leibniz University of Hannover, a 20,000m² facility where a large number of industrial and technology companies work and research together under a single roof.

Transport + logistics, especially the logistics sector, are significant economic factors in Lower Saxony with over 9,000 companies employing more than 250,000 staff. Nine of the world's Top 10 logistics service providers are represented in the Hanover region and there are also branches of all the major CEP service providers (Courier-, Express-, Parcel-) and logistics system associations. Strong associations and initiatives represent the interests of their respective sectors and promote the position of the location both nationally and internationally. In the areas of research and education, too, Hanover shines with outstanding opportunities and services as well as excellent facilities for logistics-related conventions, congresses and trade fairs.

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