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Willy Scharnow-Stiftung für Touristik
Gervinusstr. 5-7
60322 Frankfurt

Tel. 069 – 27 3907 16
Fax 069 – 27 39 07 66

Willy Scharnow Award and the Historical Archive for Tourism (HAT)

Willy Scharnow (1897 – 1985) was one of the most important pioneers in German tourism. In the 1950ies he developed his company „Scharnow-Reisen“ to the number two tour operator in Germany. Together with Touropa, Dr. Tigges and Hummel-Reisen Scharnow-Reisen founded TUI.

In 1953 Willy Scharnow established the „Foundation for international destination knowledge of the youth“ to grant better professional opportunities to the new generation in tourism by an improved vocational and advanced training. In honour of the founder it is nowadays named „Willy Scharnow Foundation for Tourism“.

Objectives of the Foundation:

  • Support of dedicated touristical employees
  • Achievement of above-average responsibility and by thus additional motivation to work in tourism

The 6 business segments of the Foundation are Educational tours and seminars, Scholarships for practical trainings in foreign countries, Language courses – national and abroad, Top score apprenticeship recognition, Willy Scharnow Award and the Historical Archive for Tourism (HAT)