Restaurant La Vie in Osnabrück: Thomas Bühner – Germany's newest three-Michelin-star chef

The town of Osnabrück, where the Peace of Westphalia was signed, is home to Germany's newest three-Michelin-star restaurant: local-born chef Thomas Bühner's exciting flavour-centric cuisine has made the town a highly desirable gourmet destination.

Thomas Bühner's development mirrors the recent meteoric rise of German haute cuisine: within two to three years, the protégé of classic-French inspired Harald Wohlfahrt (LINK) has become a leading exponent of the new German school of cuisine. Bühner's style could be described as German avant garde, but this hardly does justice his culinary imagination, which goes far beyond merely demonstrating his technical brilliance and his daring flavour combinations. Instead, he uses modern methods of gentle vacuum and low-temperature cooking to preserve the natural flavours of his meat and increasingly his vegetables (La Vie has been using the many varieties in the Ippenburg Palace kitchen garden since 2011), which concentrates attention on the taste and naturalness of his food. Bühner certainly subscribes to the idea of taking his foot off the gas.

The focal point of his creations are excellent ingredients, whose many facets he presents with great precision and sets off with different textures. The dining experience is a highly thrilling flavour discovery tour that is infinitely surprising, never hard work and full of blissful moments. Excellent illustrations of Bühner's cuisine are his lamb from front to back with miso cream, which very impressively shows different cooking techniques within an overall context, the pure venison 2011, in which his gently poached venison is served with a pure venison jus produced using a vacuum evaporator, and his marinated mackerel with sesame ice cream and passion fruit.

© Prof. Dr. Ingo Scheuermann

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