Luther 2017

500 years since the Reformation


Sonneberg, the historical toy town in the Thuringian Forest nature reserve, is ideal for walking and cycling in glorious unspoilt surroundings. Follow in Luther's footsteps through the Thuringian Forest and discover the legend of the Luther House in Sonneberg!

The Luther House in Sonneberg is an important cultural monument with an extraordinary history. Built in 1530 in nearby Judenbach, the log cabin was transported to Sonneberg in 1874 to save it from being demolished. For a long time, it was thought that Luther had stayed there.

Although this has since been refuted, the historic log cabin on the outskirts of town is definitely worth a visit. Now a restaurant, it serves Thuringian and Franconian food and has a beer garden under a canopy of trees.


You could say that the toy town of Sonneberg used to be 'Santa's workshop', as it had the world's biggest capacity for toy production. Today the town is home to the German Toy Museum and is an important waypoint on the German Road of Toys. The astronomy museum with its observatory and the marine aquarium are also not to be missed. Beautiful old mercantile buildings give the historical old quarter a charm of its own.

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