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Company Profile

Reise Mission - a worldwide experienced tour operator

In nearly 15 years of exercise in the tourism branche Reise Mission GmbH, located in Leipzig, has developed into a nameable organizer in Germany. After the company focused on religious study tours, when it was found, it now operates in over 70 countries worldwide. In 2012 over 200 group tours„ for people, who are searching for the meaning and worth of life “were arranged already.

Reise Mission shows with its manifold offering, that quality standards and professionalism in the hard canvassed tourism branche are possible at acceptable prices. The permanent growing booking demand and the customer loyalty are best proof for it. Best knowledge of the market in the country and abroad, first-class contractual partners in the whole outgoing- and incoming-area and best contacts to important partners and institutions allow us to offer comprehensive touristic quotations.

With 35 assistants Reise Mission is well placed on the market. Experienced tourism-specialists are characterized by their competence and dependability and have proved oneselves in the customer service for years. Qualified apprentices will be taken onwillingly. Chaperons are constant welcome contact persons for the travellers, during the trip and „at the face“. They guarantee, that every traintrip, busjourney and air travel aswell as cruises will be successful adventures, no matter under which topic and for which target audience. As an art- or culture journey, under the aspect of an educational journey, pilgrimage, encounter journey, choir- and concert trip, women travel, journey for mourner or to get to know a city.

Journeys, that are booked in preference are topic trips through Germany, as to the places of reformation or on the steps of famous musicians, aswell as backround in-formation about art and literature. The competence of Reise Mission is shown by the individually designed travel programs.

The original christian demand still plays no exiguous role at Reise Mission. The longtime experience and the ecumenical contacts afford Reise Mission, as a presenter of journeys to offer customized supplies and to arrange maximum attainments.

Brands / Products / Services

Religion / Reformation

Rediscover the history of the Reformation during a journey through Central Germany (from Eisleben to Wittenberg and Erfurt) in the footsteps of Martin Luther. Or travel in the footsteps of the Reformers of Germany‘s neighboring countries: Calvin in France, Zwingli in Switzerland and Jan Hus in the Czech Republic.

We guide you through the journey following the movement which changed the religious face of Europe.

Music / Literature

Many world famous musicians and writers were born in Germany and Europe - Journeys following in the footsteps of composers, playwrights and poets born in Germany and Europe and known the world over: Johann S. Bach, Wolfgang A. Mozart, Hermann Hesse, Goethe and Schiller. These tours cater especially to choir groups, offering them the possibility to perform at churches or other venues.

If you want to travel together with your choir - we can provide contacts and arrange for you to encounter other choirs and perform together.

History / Heritage Sites

On Reise Mission’s tours of Europe, customers experience history dating back over 2000 years. More than 30 sights and places have been declared UNESCO world heritage in Ger-many alone - among them architectural monuments, historic city centres, castles and palaces, as well as industrial facilities and extraordinary landscapes.

Travel with us on the trail of European culture!


Our products

  • Tours of Germany and its neighboring countries, as well as cruises and special interest tours,
  • Itineraries for various themes and special target groups,
  • Concert tours for choirs and orchestras,
  • Study tours and language holidays for educational institutions.

Range of services

  • Room contingents for groups und singles,
  • Rides and excursions in modern, conditioned motor-coaches with experienced drivers,
  • Competent local tour guides,
  • Arrangement of admission tickets for theatre, concerts, opera und musical, museums and special Events,
  • Personal contacts and opportunities for community and church Encounters.

Group Offers

As a specialist in travelling we are your incoming partner. We are certain that there will be something for you in any case. Get to know uniquely with us the most beautiful travel destinations in Germany and Europe.

Hand over the organisation to us, to an experienced tourism partner. Our assistants offer you competent advices of traveller’s performance around the topic “travels through Germany and Europe”. Reise Mission offers educational institutions, adult education programmes, clubs, choirs and other group theme travels and presentations from the areas art, culture, music, literature and theatre.

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