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Nimbschen Abbey ruins


Grimma, an idyllic little town south-east of Leipzig on the river Mulde in Saxony, had a special significance for Luther: Katharina von Bora, who later became his wife, lived in a convent here for 14 years.

Katharina came to Marienthron Convent in Nimbschen near Grimma as a young girl and took her vows in 1515. Influenced by Luther's writings, however, she became interested in the reformation movement. Luther helped her and other nuns to flee the convent. Today, the romantic convent ruins set amid magnificent old trees are a reminder of those times, as is the recently completed Kloster Nimbschen Hotel with its 'abbey tavern' and Luther Room. In Grimma itself, be sure to see the impressive church belonging to the former abbey of St. Augustine where Luther held several sermons.


The heritage-listed old quarter of Grimma with its historical town hall is well worth visiting. Also of interest is the house of the publisher Georg Joachim Göschen, who published works by Goethe and Schiller in the early 19th century.

Another attraction is Jutta Park, an English country park combining art and nature, where sculptors and sound artists showcase their work in the shade of ancient trees.


A spectacle that is unrivalled in the region in terms of style and scope invites musicians from around the world to Grimma.

Further information: http://www.jbo-grimma.de/

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