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Music in the Dresden Church of our Lady

What was only a ruin after World War II rose anew between 1993 and 2005 thanks to donations from all over the world. Today, as in old times, it represents the perfection of church construction according to Luther’s ideals. After its renewed consecration the Church of Our Lady in Dresden (Frauenkirche) once more took its place as top class musical venue. Naturally, music events taking place throughout the anniversary year 2017 will focus on the Reformation as well. Therefore, the Frauenkirche has invited prominent artists and even asked the composer Jörg Herchet to write a new composition basing on a famous hymn of thanksgiving by Martin Luther that will première on 24 June.

Further information: www.frauenkirche-dresden.de/en/music/


Ближайшие события:

01.01.2017 - 27.12.2017

Место проведения мероприятия

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