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Kassel: Energy and mobility.

The third largest city in the state of Hesse focuses primarily on energy + the environment, medicine + healthcare and transport + logistics. The city also promotes sustainability and development in the healthcare industry.

In recent years, North Hesse has become a model region in the area of energy + the environment as well as research and development, and production and applications in the area of decentralised power plant technology and energy efficiency. Successful companies in the area of energy and raw materials, the University of Kassel and other research institutions are working intensively on energy technologies, environmentally sustainable building methods, efficient use of energy and energy efficient production techniques. Communal climate protection concepts, energy cooperatives and town wind and solar plants are examples of the immense commitment of North Hesse to the transition to renewable energies, which has been in progress in the region for many years. The natural conditions in the North Hesse region also offer potential for increasing the exploitation of biomass. The competence centre HessenRohstoffe (HeRo) e. V. was founded to increase the proportion of renewable raw materials in production and use.

Medicine + healthcare are particularly important in North Hesse and a number of historic milestones speak volumes for the innovative minds at work in the region. The "Braunüle", the first indwelling IV cannula made from plastic was invented here, Opsolution GmbH developed a sensor for measuring the level of antioxidants in the skin and HVM Medical GmbH discovered sovika®, a medical neuroprotection product, which is used in reanimated and stroke patients.

As the geographical centre of Germany, North Hesse is exceptionally important in the area of transport + logistics. Mobility is the largest cluster in the region with more than 4,000 companies. The sector comprises vehicle construction/automotive, railway technology, logistics and mobility management. The region's unique selling point is that it offers the latest "cut-off time" - this is the latest time of day that orders can be received in North Hesse for quick, punctual delivery the next day to any address in Germany. Good infrastructure is vital in order to achieve this and it is certainly available in the region with the A4, A5, A7, A38, A44 and A49 motorways, the freight village (GVZ) Kassel, various regional logistics centres and Kassel-Calden airport, which is currently undergoing expansion.

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