Four cyclists are crossing a wooden bridge in front of a timber-framed watermill with a tiled roof. The street in front of the watermill is cobbled. Visible in the background is a house on the left and trees in the middle.
Cyclists in front of a watermill ©ADFC - DpR
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Bentheim County Cycle Tour – open country as far as the eye can see

Relaxation is the order of the day on this tour: picnics at the Gildehauser Venn conservation area, breaks for coffee and cake, and swims in Lake Vechtesee.

The tour gets off to a fine start at Burg Bentheim. This castle dates back over a thousand years and affords glorious views over open countryside. The route then criss-crosses the whole of Bentheim County in Lower Saxony, featuring highlights such as the Gildehauser Venn conservation area and the Ems-Vechte Canal. It passes through dense forests and lush meadows to places of historical interest such as the pretty town of Nordhorn, which has a long tradition of textile production. The little harbours, canals, locks and watermills of the Vechte give this circular route a charm of its own. The river wends its way through the region until, just outside Nordhorn, it flows into a lake where you can end your tour with a swim.

Terrain: Mainly flat on quiet roads and tarmac paths, some gravel and sand paths, a few climbs in Bad Bentheim and Uelsen.

Scenery: The route runs through largely flat terrain, meadows, fields and forests, and on towpaths – historical paths that were built for pack animals to pull freight boats upriver. Other features of the route include windmills, watermills, castles and canals.

At a glance: Bentheim County Cycle Tour

  • LENGTH: 220 km
    Circular route
  • STARTS/ENDS: Bad Bentheim
  • TRAVEL: (nearest cities to the route):
    Münster 64 km | Osnabrück 74 km
  • ABOUT THE ROUTE: mainly flat terrain, few climbs, easily manageable with children, majority of route suitable for trailers

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