Between 1545 and 1546 Martin Luther preached on several occasions in Halle, a former ducal town with a rich and colourful history. Luther's main adversary, Cardinal Albrecht, also lived in the city in today's Saxony-Anhalt region.

From 1514 to 1541 the cardinal ruled from his residence at Moritzburg Palace in Halle. As well as criticising the cardinal's pompous court, Luther denounced the selling of indulgences that was widespread in the church at that time. By doing so, he made an enemy of the highest church dignitary in the Holy Roman Empire after the Pope. The late-Gothic pulpit and the memorial on the outer wall between the 'watchman's towers' bear witness to Luther's fiery sermons at the Market Church. Luther's original death mask and a cast of his hands are on display in a tower room at the church.


Halle is home to a remarkable wealth of architectural monuments, from bourgeois houses to baroque and Renaissance buildings. Halle is also the birthplace of the baroque composer George Frideric Handel and is famous far and wide for hosting the annual Handel Festival. The State Museum of Prehistory provides a fascinating window into the past and is home to the famous 4,000-year-old Nebra Sky Disk, which has been included on UNESCO's Memory of the World Register since 2013.

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