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Rennsteig Wartburg

Hiking for culture lovers

Every hiker loves nature. But the cultural attractions along the route, for instance the castles, churches, museums, abbeys and historic Old Towns, are the icing on the cake. The natural beauty will gladden a hiker's heart but the region's cultural diversity will really speak to their soul. This category consists of a collection of hiking trails with cultural flair.

The trilogy of hiking trails includes a route to suit every taste and level, from the Wiesengänger (meadow walker) Route for leisurely hikers to the Himmelsstürmer (heaven hotspur) Route through the Allgäu Alps for sporty hikers. We opt for the Wasserläufer (water runner) Route – a happy medium between the three. read more »

The Baltic Sea Coast Hiking Trail (E9) is Germany's most beautiful coastal route. The 400 kilometres from Lübeck to Ahlbeck are a mixture of shoreside lifestyle and glorious hiking routes. read more »

The Franconian Mountain Path combines three of the region's uplands – the Franconian Forest, Fichtel Mountains and Franconian Switzerland – to create one magnificent hiking trail. read more »

The quality-tested SaaleHorizontale Trail in Thuringia is a 72 kilometre tour which loops around both sides of the Middle Saale Valley. The university city of Jena is the central point of our hiking trail. read more »

On the western edge of the Odenwald mountain range, we hike 120 kilometres from Darmstadt to Heidelberg . We see forests, walk through vineyards and take a look around the many castles. read more »

The Neckarsteig starts in Heidelberg, and its enchanting Old Town and world-famous castle create a spectacular backdrop. Our path takes us upstream along both banks of the Neckar. read more »

Travel back in time on the Werra Castle Trail in Hesse. Experience the Middle Ages in the castles and palaces and hike along the inner German border of the Cold War era between Thuringia and Hesse. read more »

In an otherwise flat landscape, we hike along the Hermann Heights - a ridge from Rheine in the Münsterland to Marsberg in Westphalia. read more »

From its source located on the Rothaarsteig Trail, we follow the Lahn river for 288 kilometres until we reach its mouth on the Rheinsteig Trail. Our journey along this path is guaranteed to be full of amazing outdoor adventures. read more »

We see German myths and fairy tales come to life on the uplands and in the forests and localities surrounding the Weser river and meet Sleeping Beauty, Baron von Münchhausen and the Pied Piper of Hamelin, Baron von Münchhausen and Sleeping Beauty along the way. read more »

The Vogtland Panorama Weg is a 228 kilometre circular route through the federal states of Thuringia and Saxony which wends its way through the Ore Mountains/Vogtland Nature Park. read more »

The Uckermärker Landrunde Trail is a 167 kilometre circular route in the north of Brandenburg. The Uckermark region is one of Germany's scenic gems, with forests, lakes and unspoiled natural surroundings. read more »

The 58 kilometre Spessart Hills Trail 2 surprises us with its wide variety of vistas and natural beauty. read more »

Once upon a time. This is how all fairy tales start, including the fairy-tale hike through the Spessart hills between Aschaffenburg and Gemünden am Main. After all, the seven dwarfs used to live beyond the many hills on this route. read more »

The Rhine has been personified as a mythical god, Rhenus Pater (lovingly nicknamed "Father Rhine" by the Germans), for centuries. The river, castle ruins and rock formations have inspired generations of painters and poets to create romantic works. read more »

On the Rhine Castles Trail, we we follow the entire World Heritage Valley and hike from Bingen to Remagen on the left bank of the Rhine. This path takes us on a journey back in time in our hiking boots, uncovering legends and myths along the way. read more »

The almost 700-year-old Rennsteig is Germany's oldest hiking trail. Every year, the ridgeway through the Thuringian Forest wows 100,000 or so hikers from all over the world. read more »

South-west Germany is where the country flaunts its most serene, sunny side. The scenery is radiant – it alone puts a smile on hikers' faces. read more »

The Tauber Valley Panorama Trail guides hikers through an enchanting landscape in northern Bavaria. It is the natural surroundings and the many cultural attractions in the places along the Tauber river which make this trail unique. read more »

The Moselsteig Trail is 365 kilometres long, so you could walk one kilometre along it every day for a year. The hiking trail consists of 24 stages and follows the Moselle river from the Franco-German-Luxembourg tripoint to the Deutsches Eck headland in Koblenz, where the Moselle meets the Rhine. read more »

Set in the fairytale-like landscape of Saxon Switzerland, the Painters' Way is one of Germany's most beautiful hiking trails. read more »

Dinosaurs lived back in the Jurassic period. They have long since died out, but the stones from this era still remain. The 230 kilometre Jurasteig Trail brings us closer to this extraordinary Jurassic landscape. read more »

The north of Germany is known for its plains, but at just under 500 metres high, the Ith and Hils in Germany's Central Uplands are the exception to this rule. Hikers can immerse themselves in nature on this 81 kilometre circular route. read more »

We hike like witches: through the Mines of Rammelsberg, the Old Town of Goslar and the Upper Harz Water Regale. The Harz Witches' Trail is an insanely varied 97 kilometre route through Harz National Park. Off we go on our broomsticks to the Brocken mountain… read more »

The Danube Peaks Trail on the southern edge of the Swabian Jura is easy to explore on foot in four daily stages. The thin strip of the still-narrow Danube snakes its way through the valley while hikers usually take the path at lofty heights. read more »

The Fläming Heath is a beautiful, gently rolling landscape which pleases the eye of the hiker. The pine forests, luminous yellow rape fields, lush green meadows and a smattering of castles delight those who hike in the region. read more »

The Albtrauf escarpment in the Swabian Jura is unparalleled in Europe. We hike on the Albsteig Trail, which mostly follows the Albtrauf escarpment with a drop of up to 300 metres read more »

Explore the vicinity of Berlin on the 66 Lakes Trail, a large circular hiking route. A hike around the metropolis in the midst of Brandenburg's scenic beauty. read more »