Ten-tower town hall in Frankenberg an der Eder
Ten-tower town hall in Frankenberg an der Eder ©Ederbergland Touristik
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Eder Cycle Route – riverside trail from start to finish

The Eder Cycle Route closely follows the entire course of the river Eder. And best of all: there are no steep climbs to speak of, which means you can fully appreciate the beautiful scenery around you.

The Eder Cycle Route starts at the source of the river Eder in Lützel (Hilchenbach). In no time at all you reach the Rothaargebirge Hills Nature Park, cycling first through dense forest to Erndtebrück and then to Bad Berleburg, where the royal palace is well worth a visit.

Tranquillity at Lake Edersee

From there, the route crosses North Rhine-Westphalia's border with Hessen at Beddelhausen, running along a former railway line to Battenberg-Dodenau. It then continues to Frankenberg, where the town hall with ten towers is one of many points of interest. Next up is a section through glorious beech and pine forests, across secluded meadows and past mountain streams and silent pools. Just before Vöhl-Herzhausen, on the right-hand side, is the Kellerwald National Park Centre with its modern interactive exhibition, and then you reach the highlight of the tour – Lake Edersee with its mighty dam. The views of the lake, set amid Kellerwald-Edersee National Park and overlooked by Waldeck Castle, are so breathtaking that you won't want to tear yourself away.

Cycling from the river Eder to the river Fulda

Another place of interest on the route is Edersee wildlife park, which is home to wolves, lynx, bison, wildcats and other rare animals. From the ancient cathedral town of Fritzlar, once a centre of imperial power, the route continues to Felsberg, where Felsburg Castle sits majestically on a 200-metre-high basalt peak. You then pass Böddiger Berg, the most northerly vineyard in Hessen. The Eder finally flows into the Fulda in the small village of Grifte. From there it is only a mile or two to Baunatal-Guntershausen, where the beautiful railway viaduct marks the end of the Eder Cycle Route and the start of the Fulda Cycle Route.

Terrain: Cycle route that follows the river from its source in the Rothaargebirge hills to its confluence with the Fulda and also includes Lake Edersee. Mainly flat and family-friendly, mostly on tarmac paths, hilly and gravel tracks at the start. Mostly away from traffic.

Scenery: Along the river from its source in the Rothaargebirge hills to its confluence with the river Fulda to the south of Kassel; glorious and varied upland scenery.

At a glance: Eder Cycle Route

  • Length: 185 km
  • Starts: Lützel (Hilchenbach), the route is referred to here as Ederauenradweg (usually 'Eder-Radweg')
  • Ends: Baunatal-Guntershausen
  • Travel (nearest cities to start | end):
    Bonn 102 km I Kassel Wilhelmshöhe 12 km
  • About the route: mainly flat, many sections suitable for families

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