Two cyclists, a woman and a man, are sitting at a picnic table and having a drink. Their bikes are behind the bench. In the background are meadows and a passing train.
Taking a breather on the Kyll Cycle Route ©Eifel Tourismus GmbH - Dominik Ketz
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Kyll Cycle Route – through the Eifel to Trier

The Kyll Cycle Route combines beautiful scenery and beautiful history. The Eifel, for example, is a landscape offering peace and tranquillity. And there is history in abundance in the city of Trier in Rhineland-Palatinate with its UNESCO World Heritage monuments from Roman times.

The Kyll Cycle Route starts near Germany's border with Belgium where the river Kyll is fed by three tributaries. The first few miles are hilly and pass through idyllic woodland to Frauenkron in the far south-western tip of North Rhine-Westphalia.

River Kyll becomes Lake Kronenburg

Here, the Kronenburg reservoir offers the first opportunity for a swim. This lake formed by a dam in the Kyll is a paradise for water sports and leisure activities. A few miles further north is the town of Kronenburg with its historical castle ruins. After passing Kronenburgerhütte, the route continues to Stadtkyll, the first town on the Rhineland-Palatinate side. A little further on, in Jünkerath, the iron museum and railway museum are well worth visiting.

Small towns and mighty castles

The route runs through Bolsdorf valley towards Gerolstein and on to Bertradaburg Castle, which is thought to be the birthplace of Charlemagne. Be sure to not to miss the medieval village of Kyllburg with its eponymous castle and Malberg Castle. After passing through Philippsheim, you reach the town of Speicher where pottery is made in the old-fashioned way using the largest and oldest wood-fired kiln in Germany. From there a landscape of lush meadows extends all the way to the Moselle. You pass the last of the Eifel castles, Burg Ramstein, before arriving in Ehrang, where the river Kyll flows into the Moselle. From there it is just a stone's throw to the magnificent city of Trier, the last stop on this unforgettable tour. The Kyll Cycle Route is the first in the Eifel region to be awarded four stars by the German Cyclists' Federation (ADFC).

Terrain: Almost the entire route is either flat or slightly hilly and consists mainly of cycle paths, farm tracks and quiet country roads; largely traffic-free.

Scenery: Along the river from its source on the Belgian border to its confluence with the Moselle in Trier; delightful and varied river scenery, some riverside meadows.

At a glance: Kyll Cycle Route

  • Length: 130 km
  • Starts: Losheimergraben
  • Ends: Trier
  • Travel (nearest cities to start | end):
    Aachen 68 km | Bonn 83 km
    Homburg 91 km | Saarbrücken 92 km
  • About the route: mainly flat, many sections suitable for families; a section of approx. 20km is designated as a children's cycle route.

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