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Weimar: Classics, culture and lots of know-how.

As well as "Weimar Classicism" the city in Thuringia has a notable reputation in two further areas: technology + innovation and chemicals + pharmaceuticals. Construction technology is also an important sector while the chemicals and plastics industry is a further major element of the city's economy. Weimar is also considered an important location for metalworking and mechanical and plant engineering.

Weimar's competence in technology + innovation is particularly strong in the construction technology and metalworking/mechanical engineering sectors. Its expertise in construction technology can be traced back to the Staatliche Bauhaus Weimar founded as an art school in 1919 by Walter Gropius and the Bauhaus University, which was used to train construction engineers and architects in the days of the GDR. Companies and research institutes specialising in construction gradually grew in the area. Today, Weimar has the highest concentration of architecture and engineering offices in Germany. The rich tradition of research in the area of materials and construction technology is reflected in the cluster initiative Netwerk CIB.Weimar e. V. and the competence network Intelligentes Bauen, in which partners from a variety of disciplines work closely together.

Mechanical engineering and tool construction also have a long tradition in Thuringia. Weimar in particular has become an important location for metalworking and mechanical and plant engineering with a reputation throughout the region and an international customer base. Important Thuringian exports include machine tools for metalworking, plastics and rubber processing machinery, mining and construction machines as well as bearings, gearboxes, gear wheels and drive units. The region has core competences in laser technology, rapid tooling and robotics. Five universities and universities of applied sciences offer degree courses in mechanical engineering and related subjects; Ilmenau University of Technology is considered one of the finest universities in Europe in the area of engineering sciences.

Chemicals + pharma: Since 1990, the chemicals, pharma and plastics industries have located many important new facilities in the area and become an important branch of the regional economy. As a consequence, plans are in place to develop the plastics industry in Thuringia over the coming years to a level of national importance. To this end, the state government launched the plastics initiative "Kunststoffinitiative Thüringen" in 2009, which is being implemented by the cluster PolymerMat. Since 2001, there has also been a sector association for plastics/chemicals in the Weimar economic region. The pharmaceuticals industry is active here as well: Bayer Weimar operates the largest production facility for hormone-containing tablets and coated tablets here and is one of the largest employers in the city of Weimar. Other leading companies include Senova and the Glatt group of companies, which is engaged in the planning, engineering, construction and start-up of manufacturing facilities, including those for the pharma and biotech industries.

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