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Airport Conference Center Frankfurt
Airport Conference Center Frankfurt

The Airport Conference Center offers 36 exclusive conference rooms.

Our room concept takes you on an imaginary journey around the world by plane. Enjoy your conference in this spectacular setting with rooms for four to 180 people.

Centrally located in the heart of Germany and Europe, the Airport Conference Center is easily accessible by car, rail or air for visitors from Germany and abroad. We provide state-of-the-art communication technology in every conference room, a variety of business services such as changing flight bookings, fax handling, table reservations, and much more besides. Our prices are scaled according to the size of the room and length of occupancy. We hire out our conference rooms by the hour so that you are not tied in to a flat-rate conference fee. Our philosophy centres on making sure that our team fulfils your individual requirements. And our mission is to provide a perfect setting for your presentations, meetings, conferences and other events, while looking after you and your guests, and ensuring that you – and they – feel at home with us.

Airport Conference Center at a glance:

  • No. of meeting rooms: 36
  • Capacity: 4-180 people
  • Seating: Boardroom (standard), variable depending on conference room
  • Smallest conference room: 4 people, boardroom arrangement (round table)
  • Largest conference room: 180 people in row seating, variable seating depending on group size
  • Distance from town/city centre: 15km