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Traditions and Customs

The way Germany’s Traditions and Customs have shaped its international image and secured its position as one of the world’s top travel destinations, is the subject of the GNTB’s worldwide campaign for 2015. Using the three aspects of “Culinary Germany”, “Living traditions” and “Arts and Crafts”, the campaign will link the positive, modern image of Germany as a travel destination with authentic living traditions and how they are embedded in contemporary society. The aim of the campaign is to bring to life the brand “Destination Germany”.

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German scenic routes

There are around 150 scenic routes across the regions in Germany, offering travellers the opportunity to discover the country according to specific thematic aspects. Cultural, historical or architectural attractions are combined with touristic routes, as are culinary regions or landscapes with scenes of natural beauty. The German National Tourist Board will be advertising scenic routes in Germany in 2015 as part of their worldwide campaign to promote this important holiday segment to international visitors.

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Lucas Cranach den yngre 500 år

Lucas Cranach den yngre (1515-1586), yngste sonen till målaren Lucas Cranach den äldre (1472-1553), skulle ha fyllt 500 år den 4 oktober 2015. Bredvid Albrecht Dürer anses far och son Cranach vara renässansens mest betydande målare och grafiker i Tyskland. Inom ramen för det decennielånga jubileet ”Luther-Dekade”, som under 2015 har temat ”Bilder och budskap” i centrum, tar German National Tourist Board (GNTB) chansen att fokusera på personen Lucas Cranach d.y., verken av både far och son och många internationellt betydelsefulla utställningar och evenemang under Cranach-året.

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Germany reunified. 25 years on.

2014 marks the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, and in 2015 Germany will be celebrating 25 years as a reunified nation. The reunification of the two German states gave a huge boost to tourism in Germany. The wealth of new and exciting cultural attractions and captivating natural landscapes in Germany inspires travellers from all over the world. This year the German National Tourist Board (GNTB) is placing German unity at the heart of its international sales and marketing activities, showcasing the great variety of tourist attractions available in Destination Germany 25 years on from the fall of the Wall.

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600th anniversary of the Council of Constance

The Council of Constance significantly shaped the course of European history and is thought to be the largest meeting of religious figures, politicians and academics in the Middle Ages. Between 1414 and 1418 church representatives assembled in Constance to discuss the future of the divided church and to elect a new Pope. The agreements that were made at the time determined the future development of the Catholic Church. Celebrations to mark the 600th anniversary of the Council of Constance will get under way in the town in 2014.

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