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Deutsche Lufthansa AG (LH)

Company Profile

Lufthansa: On the move internationally. At home worldwide.
Lufthansa Passenger Airline Group transports more than 100 million passengers annually and represents the core business of the Lufthansa Group. This business sector includes Lufthansa German Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Germanwings and SWISS, as well as co-operation with Brussels Airlines, JetBlue and SunExpress.

Lufthansa is consistently guided by the needs of its customers, offering them tailor-made products. Quality, innovation, safety and reliability are always at the centre in all of its activities.

Lufthansa’s flight schedule includes more than 11,700 flights per week to 200 destinations in 81 countries worldwide. Including partner airlines, passengers can even choose from up to 18,000 connections per week. And the selection of routes is constantly expanding and is always being adapted to the needs of passengers. The Lufthansa hubs in Frankfurt and Munich are some of the highest-performing and most punctual hubs in all of Europe.

Approximately 355 aircraft in different sizes make up the advanced fleet of Lufthansa German Airlines AG. There are continuous investments in modernizations and renovations to maintain this fleet. By 2018, 168 new aircraft with more efficient fuel consumption and lower noise emissions will be entered into service.

Lufthansa demonstrates responsibility
For years, Lufthansa has emphasized sustainable corporate development and has included it as an objective in its corporate guidelines. This also includes reconciling economic and ecological interests. Good examples of how Lufthansa is meeting this responsibility and ensuring continuous improvements on the environmental front are the billions that have been invested in a low-emission and fuel-efficient fleet, and many operational environmental and efficiency measures in flight and on the ground.

Simply rewarding: the Miles & More frequent flyer programme
Take an inexpensive award flight to your next big event, use miles to book a hotel room or shop to your heart’s content and reward yourself with a product award – over 23 million people already know why they are members of Europe’s leading frequent flyer programme. The programme offers endless possibilities for earning valuable award miles in the air and on the ground and for redeeming them for topclass flight, product and adventure awards.

Lufthansa Meetings & Events – the travel solution for event organisers
With Lufthansa Meetings & Events we have created a booking tool which makes it very easy for event and conference organisers to arrange travel for participants to and from the event venue – no matter where it is. Whether there are several dozen participants or several thousand, Lufthansa can support organisers in their event planning.


Travel perfection: Lufthansa First Class.
Travelling First Class means not having to make compromises. As in the brand-new Lufthansa First Class, which sets new standards of exclusivity and comfort. The goal is for everything to be tailored to the traveller’s personal needs, down to the smallest detail – with a comprehensive travel experience at the highest level. Here, the most discriminating passengers find a place to relax without being disturbed, recharge their batteries and savour culinary delicacies and fine beverages.

Relax, sleep, recharge – in the new Lufthansa Business Class on long-haul flights.
Review business documents in peace and quiet, relax with a great movie or get a good night’s sleep – there’s a lot that makes a stay on board in the new Lufthansa Business Class pleasant. Regardless of whether passengers’ schedules are taking them to meetings or personal activities after landing: those who spend their time in such a relaxing environment will benefit when they reach their destination.

Travelling well – in Lufthansa Economy Class on long-haul flights.
A feeling of spaciousness, cosy comfort, attentive service and a diverse entertainment programme make travelling in Lufthansa Economy Class very pleasant.

Lufthansa FlyNet® – unlimited communication on board.
Going online above the clouds, visiting favourite websites or working in peace and quiet – with Lufthansa FlyNet®, travelers are enjoying the full communication freedom of the Internet on long-haul flights. In all travel classes. Surf the web, send e-mails with attachments in real time or access a corporate virtual private network (VPN) – all that’s required is a WiFi-enabled notebook, smartphone or tablet. More than 90% of all Lufthansa long-haul aircraft already have FlyNet®.

At you will be able to experience the services you can expect on your next Lufthansa long haul flight.

On-the-go throughout Europe, in comfort.
Leaning back, relaxing, stretching one’s legs and enjoying the on-board service – that’s what passengers get to do on all flights within Germany and Europe in Lufthansa Business Class and Economy Class.

The interior is high-quality and the seats are comfortable and ergonomically-designed. The spaciousness around passengers’ knees, access to the seat pocket even when the tray table is down, and fine leather upholstery are just a few of the details that assure passengers’ well-being on board.

Enjoying more space and flexibility in Lufthansa Business Class
Business travellers know why they book Lufthansa Business Class. Firstly, they are flexible: if meetings change, flights can be rebooked or cancelled without any problems. Secondly, every other seat is always left empty on flights within Europe. So they have significantly more space and more privacy, which is ideal for working on board – and also for relaxing, of course. In Lufthansa Regional aircraft, travellers can even choose between a window or aisle seat. It is a service that no other airline in Europe offers.

Travel in comfort – in Lufthansa Economy Class
A very comfortable, roomy cabin environment and tasty meals make flying in Lufthansa Economy Class very pleasant. Even on flights within Germany, a little snack sweetens the time on board. On longer flights, passengers enjoy meals appropriate for the departure time and destination. A large selection of non-alcoholic beverages as well as wine and beer complete the offer.

Learn more about the Lufthansa fleet and the comfort offered on European routes at

Save time and check in flexibly – with Lufthansa eFly Services.
In the taxi on the way to the airport, at the computer in the office, on a comfy couch or at the airport: with Lufthansa eFly Services, passengers check in wherever is most convenient for them, using a smartphone, computer or the easy-to-operate check-in kiosk.

Checking in with just a few clicks
Passengers can check in up to 23 hours before departure via a web-enabled mobile phone or a computer through Lufthansa eFly Services to save time. Selecting a seat, printing boarding passes or requesting a boarding pass via e-mail or text message – everything’s easy.

As an alternative to online or mobile check-in, many airports have convenient check-in kiosks available. Passports or bar codes are simply read by a scanner and boarding passes are printed out. Travellers with a flexible ticket can even change their reservations or select an alternative flight.

Checking baggage made easy
However passengers choose to check in, baggage is quickly and easily checked by Lufthansa employees at the baggage drop-off counters. It’s even faster when passengers check their own baggage at the Lufthansa baggage kiosks in Frankfurt or Munich. Simply follow the brief instructions on the screen, attach the baggage tag to the item being checked, and with the press of a button, your baggage is underway.

Find more information on the practical Lufthansa eFly Services at

Have a good experience – even with special travel requirements.
Special concerns deserve trustworthy services and personal care. Especially when it comes to travellers who cannot always help themselves in every situation. Lufthansa makes sure that e. g. unaccompanied children or seniors and families can reach their desired destination safely.

Unaccompanied children – well looked after ‘on tour’
Vacationing with grandma, visiting their aunt or spending the weekend with Daddy – there are many reasons why children travel alone. It’s a good thing that Lufthansa has set up a special service with highly trained staff who take care of five to eleven year- olds during their entire trip. This service is available for a fee. Older children can also be looked after upon request.

Starting from the check-in counter, a Lufthansa representative accompanies these young passengers and handles all formalities. In their own waiting rooms in Frankfurt and Munich, their waiting time flies by with games and fun.

After boarding, a flight attendant takes over responsibility for the children and cares for them during the entire flight. To make sure that they don’t get bored on board, Lufthansa provides games and drawing materials, and even child-friendly entertainment on long-haul flights. After landing, a Lufthansa representative meets unaccompanied children at the aircraft and takes them to the person picking them up.

Getting to the aircraft without stress – with the Lufthansa Family Service
Instead of hassle and stress at the airport, it’s better to start your vacation relaxed. This is child’s play with a Lufthansa Guide. The Guide helps with orientation at the airport as well as with handling travel formalities. This is often a huge relief, especially for large families or seniors. In Frankfurt and Munich, passengers can enjoy the service in over 50 languages, for a fee.

For more information, please refer to

Simply rewarding: the Miles & More frequent flyer programme.
Take an inexpensive award flight to your next big event, use miles to book a hotel room or shop to your heart’s content and reward yourself with a product award – over 23 million people already know why they are members of Europe’s leading frequent flyer programme.

Earn miles all around the world
Here’s how easy it is to fill up your mileage account: Miles & More members receive award miles for every flight taken with Lufthansa, with a Star Alliance member or with a Miles & More airline partner. Depending on the airline, additional valuable status or HON Circle miles can also be earned, which are important for achieving frequent flyer status. As a general rule, the higher the booking class and the longer the distance flown, the greater the number of miles earned.

What’s more, members also earn award miles with a very wide variety of Miles & More cooperation partners. Miles & More has over 350 such partners, including hotels, travel agents, car rental companies, telecommunications companies, publishers, as well as banks and insurance firms. In addition, members who are holders of a Lufthansa Miles & More Credit Card may enjoy further award miles with every purchase.

Redeem miles and enjoy diverse awards
Regardless of how Miles & More members wish to spend the award miles they have earned: with the huge range of flight, product and adventure awards on offer, they are spoilt for choice.

Enjoy real privileges as a frequent flyer
Loyalty deserves to be rewarded with special treatment: with every Lufthansa or Star Alliance flight, Miles & More members earn valuable status miles, and in some cases also HON Circle miles that help make flying even more attractive and relaxed. Depending on frequent flyer status, members gain access to a wide range of exclusive and exciting privileges, e. g. lounge access or free baggage allowance.

Detailed information on Miles & More will be found at

Lufthansa Meetings & Events – your travel solution
Lufthansa Meetings & Events is a product offering for all event hosts and organizers. Whether it is for a business meeting, conference or any other type of event, no matter where in the world it takes place and regardless if it is for a few dozen participants or a few thousand, Lufthansa can provide a tailor-made offer that meets the needs of both the organizer and the event participants.

The co-ordination of an offer for all global participants to an event has never been easier for event organizers with a simplified online request for proposal. The offer is designed to provide cost saving opportunities for either the host of the event or, for events where participants pay for their own transportation, to the travellers themselves.

Event participants are given exclusive access to a dedicated, event-branded booking platform where the promotional offer can be booked quickly and easily. Travellers can combine their event travel with other business or leisure activities as the offer enables them to travel up to one week before and after the event and allows them to take a travel companion with them.

The combination of the Lufthansa Meetings & Events product features together with Lufthansa’s worldwide network that connects 200 cities in 81 countries makes Lufthansa an ideal partner for event travel solutions.

For more information or to request an individual offer please refer to

Lufthansa Global Healthcare and Medical Services
Lufthansa offers a variety of services to international patients suffering from injuries or other health-related problems. In cooperation with healthcare providers Lufthansa is therefore able to offer a broad portfolio of global, high-quality services.

Lufthansa Global Healthcare Programme
Accredited Lufthansa partners sign an agreement with Lufthansa, whereupon they will receive a special information and marketing text as well as an access code for a booking platform. By means of this access code, patients and persons accompanying them can book flights online themselves.

In addition, a Medical & Emergency Repatriation Agreement gives you the ability to transport ill or injured passengers back to their home country on favourable terms.

For more information, please refer to .

Lufthansa Medical Services
Additional services can also be booked under Lufthansa Medical Services to support travellers in need of a wheelchair, stretcher or intensive care transport:

  • Patient Transport Compartment (PTC) for intensive care transports
  • Stretcher transport

For more information, please refer to .

Good to know: Supplementary services
Additional services to make travelling easier for health-impaired persons:

  • Additional oxygen supply on board
  • 18 special meals catering for specific health, religious, or nutritional needs
  • Guide service at the airport in Frankfurt or Munich in over 50 languages
  • Wheelchair service for passengers with limited mobility

For more information, please refer to

Lufthansa Mobility Partner Program: Executive Education.
Lufthansa understands, that today’s students are more mobile than ever before and travel the world in search of the highest quality education available. In order to make education-related travel more affordable, Lufthansa is proud to partner with internationally recognized institutions of higher education from around the world to offer registered students, faculty and staff discounts off Economy and Business Class fares when traveling for educational purposes.

So go ahead, sign up for that overseas program and let Lufthansa’s network that connects 200 cities in 81 countries help you reach your final destination … graduation.

This Mobility Partner Program is made available to the customers of our contracted partners. For more information, you can contact the Lufthansa Mobility team at .

Barrier-free Travel

Trust helping hands and travel without barriers.
Needing help and yet travelling carefree – disabled passengers and passengers with limited mobility can count on very special support on the ground and on board:

  • In Frankfurt and Munich, passengers can check in at disability-friendly counters and spend their time until departure with their accompanying person in a special lounge.
  • Guests who need assistance are escorted to the plane and are taken to their contact person or their connecting flight after landing.
  • For guests with limited mobility, a free wheelchair service with an accompanying guide is offered.
  • On-board wheelchairs and disability-friendly washrooms are available on the entire Lufthansa long-haul fleet.

Passengers should sign up for assistance at Lufthansa or through their travel agent well ahead of time before their flight. For passengers with limited mobility this service is, of course, free of charge.

For more information, please refer to

Social Commitment / Green Travel

Lufthansa demonstrates responsibility.
For years, Lufthansa has emphasized sustainable corporate development and has included it as an objective in its corporate guidelines. This also includes reconciling economic and ecological interests.

Good examples of how Lufthansa is meeting this responsibility and ensuring continuous improvements on the environmental front are the billions that have been invested in a low-emission and fuel-efficient fleet, and many operational environmental and efficiency measures in flight and on the ground.

Examples of commitments that have set new standards:

  • With only 4.06 litres of jet fuel consumption per passenger per 100 kilometres, the Group fleet achieved a new efficiency record in 2012 – this is the lowest value in the company’s history.
  • Lufthansa was the first airline worldwide to investigate the longterm use of biokerosene in regular flight operations in 2011 – the biofuel proved suitable for everyday use.
  • The latest addition to the fleet is the Boeing 747-8, which is 15 per cent more fuel-efficient than the previous model and is 30 per cent quieter.
  • The flagship of the fleet – the A380 – only consumes 3.4 litres of fuel to transport one passenger a distance of 100 kilometres, and it is approximately 30 per cent quieter than previous wide-bodied aircraft.

Find out how Lufthansa is addressing other environmental issues and what is planned in terms of sustainability at

As of: 08/2012. Subject to change.

Detailed information on Lufthansa products and services is available at

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