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Special Exhibition "Luther in Dispute. Leipzig and the Consequences"

In the location of the Leipzig guildhall there once stood Pleißenburg Castle. Breaking his promise to keep silent, which he had made after his hearing at the Reichstag in Augsburg, Martin Luther participated in the Leipzig Dispute there in 1519. During this dispute with Johannes Eck he stated the differences of his opinion on the doctrine of the Catholic church and formulated his “Sola Scriptura”, which lead to the (originally not intended) break with the pope and the Albertine duke George the Bearded. In Leipzig, his followers were also referred to as “Lutherans” for the first time. An exhibition in the Leipzig Municipal Museum examines the Leipzig Debate and its consequences as the repression of Reformation ideology in Albertine Saxony, the introduction of the Reformation in Leipzig in 1539 following the death of George the Bearded and the further development up to the Schmalkaldic War. The central exhibits comprise the silver “Lutherbecher” (Luther cup), the wedding ring of Luther’s wife Katharina and paintings and epitaphs by the two Cranachs.

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12.04.2017 - 28.01.2018


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