Out of this world – next exit Sky Paths

This route will whisk you away to another world and a distant past. Archaeology and astronomy is the theme of this approximately 150km route to four fascinating locations offering insights into faraway worlds, ancient times and fascinating visions of the future.

The Sky Paths message is simple. The people who lived 3,600 years ago were not very different from us. They too were searching for the meaning of life and at night they looked up at the same stars. Saxony-Anhalt, a region renowned for its exquisite castles and fine wines, also holds some remarkable treasures. It seems you only have to stick a spade in the ground and you'll unearth something important. It all began with the spectacular find of the century when the Nebra Sky Disk, a bronze disk inlaid with gold symbols dating back around 3,600 years, was unearthed on Mittelberg hill in 1999. Today the Nebra Sky Disk and the associated finds are kept in the State Museum in Halle in a space crowned by 70,000 stars. Not far from the discovery site near Nebra, the Arche Nebra visitor centre rests above the Unstrut valley like a golden spaceship. The megalithic tomb of the dolmen goddess of Langeneichstädt was uncovered at another excavation site a mere 18km away and around 30km from Nebra is the world's oldest sun observatory, discovered in 1991 and now reconstructed. Stone-age sages were gazing at the stars at this sacred site 2,000 years before Stonehenge was built.

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