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Landmarks of wine culture

As its famous monasteries, deep cellars, old vineyard sites and countless stories testify, Germany's great tradition of winemaking started with the ancient Romans. Discover treasures such as the oldest wine in the world, Götz von Berlichingen's vineyard, the world's biggest wine barrel and many more highlights of wine culture.
Gierer winery and guesthouse: wine and wonderful scenery

This winery is situated on the sun-kissed northern shores of Lake Constance in Nonnenhorn, Bavaria. The Gierer family has been devoted to the art of winemaking for over 300 years, passing on its expertise from generation to generation. Their new vinothek unites exceptional design and regionally sourced materials, while affording visitors views of the scenic countryside outside and the wine cellar down below.

Wilhelm Kern wine estate: simple, unpretentious Württemberg wines

A modern cube, completely clad with larch wood, has been attracting the attention of onlookers in the Rems valley since 2012. With huge, largely uninterrupted surfaces and light and airy spaces, the new building at the Wilhelm Kern wine estate in Kernen-Rommelshausen, Württemberg, creates an atmosphere of quiet relaxation in which visitors can concentrate on what is important: the wines.

Wasem winery at Engelthal Abbey: style and substance

The heritage-listed buildings at Julius Wasem's wine estate in Ingelheim are home to a vinothek (with tasting rooms), a restaurant, a wine barn with an adjoining garden, and function and meeting rooms. The combination of modern architecture and the heritage-listed facades of the Cistercian Convent of Engelthal make this an exceptional setting in which to enjoy wine.

Kreutzenberger wine estate: wine meets Bauhaus

It may be unusual for a wine estate to look like a classical modernist building, but that is exactly the case in Kindenheim in the Palatinate region. The Kreutzenberger family estate was built in 1929 in the then avant-garde Bauhaus style. Despite its modernist look, this small family winery sets great store by traditional values and grows its grapes in prime locations in Kindenheim, Bockenheim and Wachenheim.

The wine workshop: innovative and enterprising

The Lubentiushof wine estate in Niederfell dates back to a winery founded in 1711 for the House of Leyen. In 1994, the estate was taken over by Andreas Barth who, as a lawyer, has come from a very different background and brought a wealth of new ideas to the business. The grapes in his vineyards thrive on the slate terraces of the Lower Moselle, where they are all picked by hand because of the steep slopes.

Iphofen vinothek: a beautiful showcase for fine wines

The ensemble of buildings at the centre of the Franconian wine village of Iphofen offers an exciting combination of traditional and modern architecture. As well as rooms for showcasing wines, the vinothek is also home to the tourist information office, a gallery for temporary exhibitions, meeting rooms and a vaulted cellar. There is also a wine bistro and farm shop.

Winery on the Würzburger Stein: uncompromisingly independent

The Winery on the Würzburger Stein is situated on sun-kissed slopes north of a bow in the river Main. The limestone soils provide the basis for Ludwig Knoll's high-quality wines, which are mainly of the silvaner and the acclaimed steinwein varieties. Knoll has been managing the estate, which has been in the family for generations, since 1991 and given it his own modern and individual style.

Max Müller I wine estate: new and classic Franconian wines

"We are open to new ideas and yet loyal to our roots," say Monika and Rainer Müller from the Max Müller I wine estate in the Franconian town of Volkach. This philosophy is clearly reflected in their wines – the uncomplicated, fresh wines of the New Franconia range and the traditional Classic Franconia collection in the signature Bocksbeutel bottles.

Brennfleck wine estate: a historical winery with a state-of-the-art pressing room

A sense of tradition, a clear commitment to modern winemaking and loving attention to detail are the hallmarks of the wines and vineyard of Hugo and Susanne Brennfleck. The business, which has been in the family for 13 generations, has been managed by the couple from the Franconian wine village of Sulzfeld am Main since 1998. At the heart of the Brennfleck wine estate is a listed manor house dating from the late Middle Ages.

Sommerach winery: the world of wine

The winegrowing village of Sommerach, Lower Franconia, is situated within a bow on the southern stretches of the river Main. The Sommerach wine growers, whose cooperative was named best in Franconia and, in 2009, best in Germany, decided a few years ago to redesign their winery. The result is a sophisticated and innovative new building that conveys a deep respect for tradition.

Abril wine estate: purist aesthetic and eco-friendly viniculture

The warm rust-coloured exterior of the Abril wine estate's new building contrasts strikingly with the verdant vineyards in the Baden town of Bischoffingen. Its two upper storeys nestle into the hillside at the foot of the Enselberg, a prime vineyard location in the Kaiserstuhl region. The estate is managed in an eco-friendly way without the use of synthetic or chemical substances, and this is reflected in the diverse varieties of wine produced here.

Jean Stodden: a window into the world of winemaking

The history of the Jean Stodden wine estate goes back to 1578 when the family first began cultivating grapes in the Ahr valley. The estate strikes a perfect balance between preserving traditions and being open to new ideas. This is particularly reflected in the architecture of the old storehouse that now serves as a prestigious vinothek with rooms for wine tasting and sales.

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