Nine cranes are flying against the red and orange morning sky above a lake in the moorlands of Tiste Bauernmoor. The upper edge of the sun is peering above a row of trees on the horizon.
Migrating cranes in the Tiste Bauernmoor ©ADFC - DpR
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Hamburg-Bremen Cycle Route – from one Hanseatic city to another

Although this is officially regarded as a long-distance cycle route the two Hanseatic cities of Hamburg and Bremen are actually not that far apart. Nevertheless it's well worth planning plenty of time for the trip – as there's so much to see along the way.

If you don't want to be constantly cycling against the wind blowing in from the west, it's best to start in Bremen, perhaps at the sculpture of the Town Musicians outside the UNESCO World Heritage town hall. Once outside the city, the landscape opens up into broad marshlands until you reach the artists' village of Fischerhude. Watermills, ponds and the church towers of pretty little towns such as Zeven and Sittensen are features along the route here, and in spring and autumn the Tiste Bauernmoor is a popular place for watching cranes. The many Melkhüser huts along the wayside are ideal places to take a break and enjoy some delicious dairy products. Kiekeberg open-air museum, the Schwarze Berge wildlife park and the Harburg hills are further attractions on the section to Hamburg, where another UNESCO World Heritage awaits – the Speicherstadt warehouse district.

Terrain: Well-surfaced route with sandy sections on mainly flat terrain, very little traffic.

Scenery: Long-distance cycle route through forests, marshes and moorland.

At a glance: Hamburg-Bremen Cycle Route

  • Length: 151 km
  • Starts: Hamburg (or Bremen)
  • Ends: Bremen (or Hamburg)
  • Travel (nearest city to start | end):
    Harburg 16 km | Oldenburg 45 km
  • About the route: mainly flat terrain, easily managed with children

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