Cyclists by the Regen river in the town of Cham
Cyclists by the Regen river in the town of Cham ©Tourist Info Landkreis Cham (Stefan Gruber)
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Munich-Regensburg-Plzeň-Prague International Cycle Route – from the Bavarian to the Czech capital

This richly varied long-distance cycle route between Munich and Regensburg in Germany and Plzeň and Prague in the Czech Republic was established in 2010. Wonderful cities – and equally wonderful scenery between them.

Even the first section that begins in the English Garden and continues along the dead-flat Isar Cycle Route towards Freising is an absolute pleasure to cycle. Miles and miles of woodland line the banks of the river here, the background murmur of the Isar river is like music, and there are several barrages and bridges for variation.

Fields of hops and the flint road

Before the route turns onto the Isar Abens Cycle Route at Marzling, it's well worth paying a visit to Freising, a historical centre of episcopal power and the oldest town between Regensburg in Germany and Bolzano in Italy. The hop-growing region of Hallertau is in a part of Bavaria famous for its golf courses and thermal spas and for its delicious white asparagus that tastes best just after the harvest. The section from here follows the oldest trading route in Europe, the Flint Road, which was first used to transport useful items to Bohemia around 7,000 years ago.

Tranquil valleys and a dragon-slaying pageant

From the spa town of Bad Gögging you take the international Danube Cycle Route through the Bavarian Jura mountains with their steep rock faces, historical residences and baroque churches, then at Regensburg you head through the tranquil Regen valley towards Cham. This section is all about variety, with its wild and romantic river scenery, wooded mountainsides and myth-enshrouded castles and ruins. Through the Furthe valley you come to Furth, famous for its dragon-slaying pageant, and soon afterwards to the border of Bavaria and Bohemia at Mount Schafberg/Ovčí vrch – the end of the route in Germany. It's then a further 188 kilometres through the Czech Republic until you reach Prague.

Terrain: This scenic cross-border tour links Munich and Regensburg with Plzeň and Prague. It uses cycle paths and side roads that steer clear of traffic.

Scenery: Beautiful river scenery on the Bavarian part of the route with riverside woodland and meadows along the Isar, Abens, Danube and Regen.

At a glance: Munich-Regensburg-Plzeň-Prague International Cycle Route

  • Length: 450 km
  • Starts: Munich
  • Ends: Prague (Czech Republic)
  • Travel (nearest city to start | end):
    Regensburg (55 km) | Passau 218 km (nearest train station in Germany)
  • About the route: mainly flat terrain, hilly in parts, steep gradients in the Czech Republic

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