Diez, Lahn
Diez, Lahn ©DZT (Mader, Fritz)

The House of Orange Route: the House of Orange in Germany and the Netherlands

The House of Orange Route – 2,500km from Amsterdam, through northern and central Germany, and back to Amsterdam – is a majestic route of discovery that is devoted to the past and the present of the mighty royal House of Orange.

The House of Orange-Nassau is one of Europe's oldest dynasties, but not many people know that the Dutch Royal House originated in the heart of Germany. William of Orange ('the Silent'), the founder of the House of Orange, was born in Nassau-Dillenburg in Hessen in 1533. This tour of cultural and historical discovery, whose compass points are Amsterdam in the west, Oranienburg and Potsdam in the east, Schwerin in the north and Nassau in the south, embraces towns and regions that have been associated with the House of Orange-Nassau for centuries. On the strength of its cultural highlights alone, this is a majestic route brimming with gems. There are numerous castles and palaces to be discovered, awe-inspiring churches and abbeys to see and beautifully laid-out parks and gardens with idyllic pavilions – a real feast for the eyes. Breathtaking art treasures can be admired in museums, and many towns host special exhibitions to illustrate their bonds with the House of Orange and mark the dynasty's political, cultural and social influence. Would you like to find out more about the history of the Dutch Royal House? If so, this is the route for you. Embark on a journey as exciting, captivating and incredibly varied as the history of the House of Orange itself.

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