Sanssouci ? the Park Fascinating insights into royal gardens

Sanssouci Park as a 'synthesis of the arts' is the dominant theme in the 2014 programme organised by the Berlin-Brandenburg Prussian Palaces & Gardens Foundation. Hand-picked exhibits displayed on stands around the grounds put the focus on the park as a work of art, and in particular its significance and preservation. Other themes include the design and philosophy of the gardens, their uses in the past, the flora, fauna and biodiversity of the area, climate change, the environment, nature conservation and even nutrition. The exhibition in the Roman Baths explores nature, the garden and man's need for an all-weather indoor sanctuary that mimics nature. It focuses on design objects that demonstrate various ways of attempting to bring the garden into our interior space. Such items include tableware, wallpaper, artificial plants, fruits, animals and porcelain potpourri with a mixture of scents that is designed to smell better than the individual blooms in the garden. An extensive programme of events runs in conjunction with the exhibition. The schedule will be available from the end of 2013.

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01.04.2014 - 31.10.2014

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14469 Potsdam

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