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Barrier-Free Travel

Pre-Convention Tour 8
Invitation only
22. - 25.04.2015
Frankfurt - Behringen (Hainich National Park) - Erfurt


Visit to the treetop trail in Hainich National Park, enjoy the view over a piece of unspoiled wilderness.

Tour through Mühlhausen, a town of medieval character with charming stone or half-timered town houses. The young Johann Sebastian Bach worked here as organist between 1708 and 1709


Frankfurt (22. - 23. April 2015): Best Western Premier IB Hotel Friedberger Warte

Behringen (23. - 24. April 2015): Schlosshotel am Hainich

Erfurt (24. - 25. April 2015): Pullmann Erfurt am Dom


Arrival Airport: Frankfurt (Main)

Start of the Programme: 16:00 h

10 participants


Final Programm Tour 8 (PDF)

General Terms and Conditions of Participation (PDF)

Subject to alterations!


Germany / Frankfurt am Main

Martina Kacar

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