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Discover Rhineland-Palatinate

Discover Romantic Germany - Tours of the enchanting region around Rhine and Moselle
Rhineland-Palatinate – the charming region in western Germany offering romantic river scenery, historical castles, cozy towns, a long-seeded viticultural heritage and a modern wine architecture.

A warm welcome
Every holiday should be a pure pleasure. Rhineland-Palatinate, the most westerly area of Germany, on the border to Belgium, Luxembourg and France, welcomes guests with the utmost hospitality. Vineyards as far as the eye can see, almost 500 fairytale castles, palaces and ruins decorating the river landscapes around the Rhine and Moselle rivers, charming little towns with half-timbered houses, a wide range of cultural points of interest and a wonderful mild climate are all hallmarks of the Rhineland-Palatinate. It is a region full of historical highlights, while at the same time remaining a modern and active region. Museums, concerts, theatres and a multifaceted menu of events await all visitors. The picturesque scenery of the UNESCO World Heritage site Upper Middle Rhine Valley has been considered the epicentre of the romantic Rhine for over 200 years and is one of the most important transport routes in Europe. The valley is characterised by its uniquely high concentration of castles, making it both mysterious and historically inimitable. A central feature of this area is the mythical Loreley Valley near St. Goarshausen, where the song of a beautiful girl is said to have lured seamen into perdition.

Discover Rhineland-Palatinate:

  • Top-quality hiking trails, such as the Rheinsteig, guide you through fascinating scenery, from dense forests to open wine regions, from castles to wine taverns.
  • Long-distance bike tours lead along the rivers Rhine, Moselle, Ahr, Kyll, Lahn and Nahe through stunning landscapes to the most amazing cultural attractions, to castles and pretty wine villages.
  • Six outstanding wine regions delight with their award-winning wines, culinary pleasures and beautiful landscapes.

Cultural Highlights

UNESCO World Heritage treasures
Rhineland-Palatinate is a treasure chest filled with historical places and UNESCO World Heritage sites - including Speyer Cathedral, the Roman monuments situated in Trier, the romantic Upper Middle Rhine Valley, with its unique concentration of castles and palaces, and parts of the Roman, Upper Germanic-Rhaetian borderline, known as Limes.

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Historical fairytale castles
Walls full of tales and an undeniably magical atmosphere work together to make a visit to one of the many castles and palaces of the region an exceptional experience. Some grand examples include the Trifels Castle, which was the former prison of King Richard the Lionheart and the Eltz Castle at the Moselle, which is hidden mysteriously in the forest.

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Rhine in Flames
Every year, Rhine in Flames captivates hundreds of thousands of visitors who gather along the banks of the Rhine to enjoy the celebrations. It is an unforgettable experience when the towns, castles and palaces of the UNESCO World Heritage Middle Rhine Valley are bathed in the magical glow of red Bengal lights.

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Further Highlights
The renowned route from Koblenz to Bingen is one of the most beautiful parts of the Rhine River. Once experienced such a tour with the riverboat passing vineyards, romantic castles and cosy villages, will never be forgotten.
The exquisite wine traditions of Rhineland-Palatinate are well appreciated amongst wine lovers around the world. The traditional wine festivals in autumn are highlights not to be missed.
Furthermore the cities in the region around Rhine and Moselle are perfect for a romantic mini-break at Christmas time. Their half-timbered buildings are festively lit and the aromas of mulled wine out of the local vineyards and cinnamon fill the air at traditional Christmas markets. Guests can snuggle up at cosy hotels and the Christmas shopping is nice and relaxed.

More leisure tips

Legendary Rhine & Moselle cruises
The renowned route from Koblenz to Bingen is one of the most beautiful parts of the Rhine River. Once experienced, such a tour, with the riverboat passing steep cliffs, vineyards, romantic castles and cosy villages, will never be forgotten. A truly magical cruise is the winter cruise, which takes visitors from one traditional Christmas market to the next. There are various starting points for the river cruises, mostly departing on a daily basis in the summer season.

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Festivals, wine tastings and modern wine architecture
The exquisite wine traditions of Rhineland-Palatinate are well appreciated amongst wine lovers around the world. The traditional wine festivals in autumn are highlights not to be missed. Several wine tastings are offered by winemakers throughout the region, and visitors have the option to stay at the vineyard and work with the winemaker to learn more about wine production itself. The popular subject of wine architecture is well represented in the region with numerous award-winning venues, perfect for wine tastings in exceptional surroundings.

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Health, Active and Nature

Cycling fun for everyone
Rhineland-Palatinate is an excellent cycling region with a wide variety of well-marked routes. Leisurely bike paths stretch out for miles along the riverbanks. Steeper climbs await in the more mountainous areas of the Eifel and Palatinate regions, promising a challenge for even the fittest cyclists. Dotted along the various routes are cyclist-friendly accommodation providers.

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Walking Trails
Whether it’s a pleasant, leisurely tour on climb-free trails or physically demanding scrambles up narrow, winding paths, Rhineland-Palatinate has all the right ingredients for a great walking holiday. On ten outstanding and richly varied long-distance trails, you can see castles and palaces, make new friends in traditional taverns and sample famous wines. For a good night’s choose from a wide selection of walker-friendly hotels.

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Wine culture and culinary pleasures
The best bouquet in Germany is a product of premium grapes cultivated in the Rhine and Moselle regions. The flavours and the spirit of good taste are reflected in the countless delicious specialties served according to traditional recipes as well as modern kitchen art. Wine traditions go back to Roman times and Wine festivals and the wine tasting itself, are all events not to be missed.

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Hiking Offers

Rheinsteig trail & RheinBurgenWeg trail
Pass by rugged cliffs in the central Rhine Valley, as well as UNESCO World Heritage sites.
Offer: 7 overnight stays from € 511

Saar-Hunsrück-Steig trail
Experience a wonderful blend of nature and culture on the trail voted “Germany’s most beautiful” in 2009.
Offer: 8 overnight stays from € 540

Westerwald-Steig trail
Discover the “barefoot trail”, the Kneipp herb garden and the Westerwald lake region.
Offer: 7 overnight stays from € 450

Lahn hiking trail
Follow the Lahn River and enjoy dreamlike panoramas and small towns crowned by castles.
Offer: 5 overnight stays from € 443

Cycling Offers

Rhine & German Wine Route
Round-trip from the Rhine to the Palatinate Forest - A mild climate and lush orchards and vineyards as far as the eye can see are what make this route so special.
Offer: 6 overnight stays from € 428

Tour along Rhine and Moselle
From your bike, admire the many castles and chateaus that you pass on this tour of romantic river valleys and picturesque villages with traditional half-timbered houses.
Offer: 4 overnight stays from € 318

Wine Offers

Tête-à-tête with the Ahr pinot noir
At the foot of Landskron Castle, the gateway to the red wine paradise of the Ahr Valley, lies the elegant Burggarten wine estate.
Offer: 3 overnight stays from € 245

Relax and enjoy life in the Nahe valley
Enjoy a tour of our premium vineyards and join a guided wine tasting in the afternoon featuring the year's new wines.
Offer: 2 overnight stays from € 139

Packages and prices may vary. Further offers on demand.

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Group Offers

Legendary Rhine Tour
Tour the Westerwald, the Lahn Valley and the unique UNESCO World Heritage site Upper Middle Rhine Valley and follow the footsteps of medieval knights and kings. Discover the area’s culinary delights and magnificent historical architecture in Germany’s largest wine region, Rheinhessen.

Day 1:
The tour starts in the Westerwald. Go on to see the Limburg Cathedral, which lies directly on the banks of the Lahn River. Continue the journey through the romantic Lahn Valley to the city of Koblenz, with a brief sightseeing tour of highlights like the German Corner (Deutsches Eck) and the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress. Continue on to the Marksburg Castle near Braubach, an impressive fortress situated in majestic splendour on top of a rocky cliff. Continue on to Boppard and enjoy excellent food and wine in a local restaurant.

Day 2:
Go on a sightseeing tour through Boppard, being sure to visit the Boppard Roman Fort, and move on from there to St. Goar, where one can enjoy a memorable mini cruise on the Rhine River. End the day and the mini cruise in the cozy town of Rüdesheim.

Day 3:
There are several options for the day’s activities. One can begin the day with a trip to Mainz in Rheinhessen, the German “Great Wine Capital” and the capital of Rhineland-Palatinate. Another option is to visit Worms and its narrow and winding medieval alleyways. The third option is to go south to charming Speyer for a tour of the old quarter and the Speyer Cathedral.

Further offers on demand

Barrier-free Travel

Accessible travel in Rhineland-Pfalz
Crickets are singing the grass, the scent of summer lies in the air and you are enjoying a glass of delicious wine from the Palatinate, Rheinhessen or the Ahr region as you take in a breathtaking view. This, or something very similar, is a holiday in Rhineland-Palatinate.

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Our packages:

Cittaslow and wine in Deidesheim
"Delicious in Deidesheim" with two nights in the guesthouse "Ritter von Böhl" including e.g. a leisurely guided tour of the sights of Deidesheim.
Price per person in a double room: from € 280

Accessible enjoyment of the world of precious stones
Two nights in the Parkhotel in Idar Oberstein in the Nahe region including e.g. a visit to the Museum of Precious Stones in Idar-Oberstein.
Price per person in a double room: from € 166

Active holidays in the Nahe region
Two nights in the Hotel Caravelle in the spa area of Bad Kreuznach in the Nahe region including e.g. an accessible draisin bike tour.
Price per person in a double room: from € 165

Packages and prices may vary. Further offers on demand.

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