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Schleswig-Holstein – A holiday from Sea to Sea!

Schleswig-Holstein is the northernmost state in Germany and the only one located between two seas, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. It ranks as one of the most popular vacation regions in Germany and welcomes about 6 million guests annually.

Since 2001, the Tourismus Agentur Schleswig-Holstein GmbH (TA.SH) has been responsible for the tourism marketing of Schleswig-Holstein, providing the creation and marketing of target-group oriented tourism offers on behalf of the State Government.

An overview of our offers:


Schleswig-Holstein and its regions

Water, wind and mudflats – Welcome at the North Sea
This destination is characterized by the unique world of islands and holms, the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Waddensea National Park Waddensea National Park (Mudflats), the sandy beaches and green dikes, the healthy and stimulating climate and the fresh maritime air.

Sailing boats, beaches and seaports – Welcome at the Baltic Sea
This multifaceted region with its idyllic port villages, steep bluffs and more than 80 beaches stretches along almost 400 km of coastline. Off-shore, there is the sunny island of Fehmarn.

Idillyc lakes, beautiful castles and excellent hospitality – Welcome to the land between the seas
The small natural paradise of Holstein Switzerland is the largest nature park in Schleswig-Holstein. Vacationers will see around the 200 bodies of water, magnificent castles, stately homes and pretty villages with thatched cottages, mills and churches.

Nestled between the Elbe River and the Baltic Sea, there is the Duchy of Lauenburg with its forests, more than 40 lakes, and typical “knick” landscapes. Farmyard cafes and stores characterize the cultivated, yet rural landscape. The Old Salt Trail recounts the story of a historic trade route.

The best-kept secret in Schleswig-Holstein is the beauty of the Midland which is situated between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea.

Cultural Highlights

City breaks – Beautiful small cities between the seas

Hanseatic City of Lübeck
Lübeck, a city often referred to as the “Queen of Hanse”. World famous are the medieval Holstentor (Holsten Gate), the Buddenbrook House, the historic Old Town – declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and Lübeck Marzipan by Niederegger.

Husum – City of the poet Theodor Storm
The charming harbour town of Husum is located on the North Sea coast and directly at the absolutely unique Wadden Sea with its North Frisian island and holms world. Husum is known as a “centre of culture” – particularly thanks to the famous author Theodor Storm who was born here.

Rum City Flensburg
Two countries, two coasts, two cultures. For 400 years, Flensburg was ruled by the Danish Crown. German and Danish cultures were competing with each other. As a result, almost everything is still German and Danish at the same time. Germany’s only rum museum tell stories of ships, sailors and rum.

Kiel – Sailing City
Huge Scandinavian ferries, cruise ships, majestic windjammers and sailing yachts create the unmistakeable maritime flair of Schleswig-Holstein’s state capital. The harbour is just a stone’s throw away from the city centre. To the north of Kiel lies the Kiel Canal, the world’s busiest artificial water route, with its impressive locks and Lock Museum.

Schleswig and the vikings
Situated at the end of the Baltic Sea fjord Schlei, the city of Schleswig has been one of the North’s most important trading places since Viking times. Even today, you can feel what life was like at the peak of these long-gone times.

Cultural Highlights

Castles, parks and gardens
Schloss Gottorf is a must-see, as are the castles or stately homes in Eutin, Glücksburg, Husum and Wotersen. “The garden trails between the seas*” build up a picture of Schleswig-Holstein’s garden culture and invite you to visit the gardens and parks between the North and Baltic Seas.

In the footsteps of art and artists
Emil Nolde’s colourful paintings, Thomas Mann’s insightful stories, Johannes Brahms’s romantic music, James Kruss’s youthful pranks – they all have a connection with the north. The artists and their works have homes in the land between the two coasts.

Musical bliss
Whether you see a famous wind ensemble in a barn, an accomplished string quartet in a minster, or a maestro pianist in a stately home, you’re bound to enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival.

Each year, on 21 February, the Frisians come together for one of the most important folk festivals in the north. The “Biikebrennen”, the great bonfire, used to be a way of bidding farewell to the whale catchers before they set off the next day, Saint Peter’s Day. In addition, however, the roaring flames have always been held to drive out evil winter spirits.

Lighthouses – coastal symbols
The sense of wideness – a sense of security! Lighthouses are romantic places, full of stories and emotions. Schleswig-Holstein is a land of lighthouses!

Health, Active and Nature

Health and Fitness Holidays

Well – Being with the power of the sea
If one wants to enjoy the full healing power of the sea and combine holiday with health treatments and spas, then where could it be better than the North Sea and Baltic coast? “Thalassic” is the magic word.

Rediscovering ancient wisdom The Ancient Greeks knew how to look after them. They took full advantage of the healing power of the sea. And that’s where the term “thalassa” comes from, meaning “sea”. It is the use of the rich substances contained in the sea, such as vitamins, minerals and trace minerals as a therapy to relieve discomfort.

The best place for treatment is therefore in the bracing climate of the coast. Thalassic treatments help you leave your worries behind so that body and soul can enjoy deep relaxation.

A varied therapy programme
Schleswig-Holstein’s coastal resorts on the North Sea and Baltic coast offer full thalassic well-being courses. These include all-round, medically approved therapy programs that support general health. Many health insurance policies contribute to the costs. Of course, these treatments complement other health and fitness activities such as Nordic walking or a round of golf. Thalassic treatments guarantee a healthy sense of relaxation for your everyday life.

Active Lifestyle and Nature

Cycle through the land of horizons
Extensive flat land, 12 well-developed cycle routesand a strong tailwind – Schleswig-Holstein is a paradise for cyclists. Pedal along on the dykes of the North Sea coast with a view over the Wadden Sea, gaze over the cliff lines of the Baltic Sea or cycle round idyllic lakes.

Seaside tee off
From blooming rapeseed fields in the middle of an enchanting lake landscape to direct views of the North Sea and Baltic Sea – golfing in the holiday land between the seas is nature at its purest! There are more than 60 courses where you can tee off.

Sailing on the North and Baltic Seas
With close to 300 sports boat harbours on the North and Baltic coasts, its rivers, the Greater Plon Lake and Ratzeburg Lake, the holiday land between the seas is considered a real paradise for water sport enthusiasts.

Experience the Wadden Sea National Park – first German World Natural Heritage
Since June 2009 the UNESCO has registered the Netherlands and the German Wadden Sea as World Natural Heritage. In Schleswig-Holstein tourists can experience this unique landscape in frequency of the tides on mudflats, hiking tours, or during excursions to islands and holms. With this nomination the Wadden Sea can be compared to the Grand Canyon or the Great Barrier Reef.


Tourism Marketing Organisations
For more information please contact one of the following Tourism Marketing Organisations of Schleswig-Holstein:

Schleswig-Holstein in general
Tourismus-Agentur Schleswig-Holstein GmbH

North Sea
Nordsee-Tourismus-Service GmbH

Baltic Sea and Holstein Switzerland
Ostsee-Holstein Tourismus e. V.

Marketingkooperation Städte in Schleswig-Holstein e. V.

Duchy of Lauenburg
Herzogtum Lauenburg Marketing & Service GmbH

Schleswig-Holstein Binnenland Tourismus e.V.

Farm holidays
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Urlaub auf dem Bauernhof in Schleswig-Holstein e. V.

Hotel and Restaurant Association
Hotel- und Gaststättenverband DEHOGA Schleswig-Holstein e. V.

Youth Hostels
Deutsches Jugendherbergswerk Landesverband Nordmark e. V.

Therapeutic holidays
Heilbäderverband Schleswig-Holstein e. V.

Verband der Campingunternehmer Schleswig-Holstein e. V.

Golf in Schleswig-Holstein GmbH


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