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The city of Wolfsburg is often referred to in German as the "Autostadt" and is recognized by most people as the site of Volkswagen Group world headquarters. The Autostadt "in" Wolfsburg, however, is a special place where the main focus is on the concept of mobility.

"People, cars and what moves them" is the Autostadt slogan. The theme park attracts automobile aficionados as well as cultural enthusiasts, people who enjoy exceptional events, and those who appreciate culinary creations. The Autostadt offers plenty of things to do and see for children, teenagers and young adults. One of the most popular Autostadt attractions, the ZeitHaus museum presents milestones in automobile history produced not only by Volkswagen, but by other manufacturers as well. The world's most frequently-visited car museum showcases more than 60 different makes. Volkswagen Group brands are presented throughout the park in eight pavilions designed to bring the respective brand philosophies to life. Visitors are invited to ride in a special panoramic pod to the top of the Autostadt's landmark Car Towers. Each of the glass towers holds up to 400 brand new vehicles waiting for delivery. The ten Autostadt restaurants operated by Mövenpick offer a wide variety of all-natural, seasonal foods sourced from the local region.

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Touareg and Amarok All-Terrain Track

Unusual situations
The All-Terrain Track is the perfect place on which to experience the off-road qualities both of the Volkswagen Touareg and the Volkswagen pick-up, the Amarok.
During the 45-minute tour, and on a course that is just over a kilometre long, your driving skills are challenged by a water hazard, stairs, seesaw bridge and a hill with 60% incline.

The traction of permanent four-wheel drive is essential when venturing off the beaten track and negotiating extreme driving situations. The variety of technical features offered by these verhicles, such as the low range gear selector and the rear differential lock, will assist you in this fun driving experience.

Single trip, ca. 45 minutes, 35,00 €
Groups (3 trips), ca. 90 minutes, 100,00 €

Tiguan and Yeti All-Terrain Track

In the thirty minutes it takes to complete this circuit, the drivers of the Tiguan and Skoda Yeti encounter every imaginable challenge: manoeuvring across a rutted dirt road and through an enormous cement pipe, traversing extreme corrugations and a number of railway lines, as well as coping with steps and a steep incline.

Single Trip, ca. 30 minutes, 25,00 €
Groups on request
Bookings and further information obtainable form the Autostadt's CustomerCareCenter.


Confidence at the wheel: assessing and managing dangerous situations
A good driver manages to respond spontaneously and confidently to an unexpected, and potentially hazardous, traffic situation. Rapid reaction and the ability to handle the vehicle competently are imperative in maintaining vehicle control. Our SafetyTraining aims at teaching confident vehicle handling und any , and all, conditions. The course lasts an hour during which time the driver has one-on-one time with a driving instructor.

And this is what the course offers

  • Theoretical introduction
  • Practical application on the circuit
  • Proficient driving techniques
  • Braking, ABS, ESP

Vehicles will be made available to you, form 28,00 € per person.
Bookings and further information obtainable form the Autostadt's CustomerCareCenter.


Smart driving leads to fuel saving
When ist it too eraly to change to higher gear and when too late? How does one accelerate most cost-effectively? During the EconomyTraining (SparTraining) a professional economy instructor will accompany you on your trip through traffic. Your driving style will be subject to an indepth evaluation and you will be shown how to drive more fuel-efficiently without compromising performance. By improving your fuel consumption you will automatically become more environmentally friendly.

The course consists of four components

  • Driving a given distance using your usual driving style
  • Trainer advice as to how to drive more cost-effectively
  • Retracing your steps applying what you have learnt
  • Evaluation and comparison of fuel consumption for both trips over the same distance and time

Vehicles are available in site, 17,00 € per person.
Bookings and further information obtainable form the Autostadt's CustomerCareCenter.

Car Tower Discovery

Overwhelming panorama
The two emblems of the Autostadt, the two Car Towers (Autotürme), can be explored in an air-conditioned panoramic glass lift. These glazed, high-rise garages, each 400 new vehicles, are the heart of vehicle delivery at the Autostadt. Inside, patented technology helps transport the new Volkswagen vehicles in and out of their parking bays at the speed of two metres per second.

In the panoramic glass lift a guide adjusts the tempo to half-speed and the tower discovery begins. You are taken on the observation deck on the 20th floor. From here you have a view of the largest car manufacturer in Europe, the town of Wolfsburg and south-eastern Lower Saxony.

The duration of the Car Tower Discovery, including dis-embarkation on the observation deck, is approximately 15 minutes and the lift can accomodate uo to six guests and a guide. Tickets can be obtained at the WelcomeDesk at the Autostadt's Piazza.

Car Tower Discovery

  • ca. 15 minutes
  • Adults 8,00 €, reduced price 6,00 €
  • Children* 4,00 €
  • Each in addition to valid da or season ticket

Bookings and further information obtainable form the Autostadt's CustomerCareCenter.
* Minimum high of 100 centimetres

Group Offers

Rates (15 persons or more)
Adults: 14,00 €
Reduced price*: 11,00 €
Children / youth ticket (6 – 17 years), scholars: 5,00 €
Evening ticket (from 16h00): 7,00 € (can be redeemed as a restaurant voucher at all Autostadt restaurants)

Guided Tours (Maximum of 20 persons)
Two-Hour Tour: 150,00 €
60-Minute Tour: 75,00 €

*students, apprentices, members of Military, people participating in their communityservice, the unemployed, the disabled (all groups), senior citizens (from 60 onwards). Valid identity card required.

Serviceline and Bookings
Phone +49 5361 401946
Fax +49 5361 401969

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